Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yes, I'm a Slacker...

I have all these things in my head that I want to write about, but never seem to find the time! My weekends are usually jam-packed, and now that DH’s days off switched to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I always feel bad writing when he’s home. And my work schedule keeps me from writing in the mornings, so I guess you’re just going to have to take what you can get!
Cinna. Because she's pretty.
I think the other reason I’m struggling is that summer is finally here. It was 95+ with nasty humidity every day over the weekend, and we haven’t had much relief yet. It probably didn’t help that I started putting up hay this weekend -- Friday at ACS and then Saturday some in our own hay barn. One good thing about selling two horses this winter? I don’t have to put up so much hay this year! And since they left in March, we’re still in good shape as far as hay goes -- I can’t remember ever having this much surplus going into summer. DH works for a farmer who puts up hay so we typically don’t have to worry about having enough, but its nice to know he won’t have to work quite so many hours. 
King of the... hay trailer.
Hay shed last August - we squeezed in a few hundred more bales!
Sunday DH and I attended a barn party for my local GMO (CDCTA). I’m the vice president and I also handle updating the website/social media -- obviously something I enjoy! Despite the blistering heat, we had a really good time. It’s always fun to gather with like-minded horsepeople and just chat!
I was also excited about the barn party Sunday because it took us through a major city, giving me a chance to shop for some more appropriate riding shirts. For schooling and trails I have no problem sporting tank tops, but for lessons I wanted some athletic polos with breathable material. It annoys me to buy the “equestrian” brand stuff, because typically its about 5x more expensive than it needs to be, and I’m cheap. I’ve been looking for about a week, and I found some options online, but buying without being able to try them on was a little daunting -- about half the reviews I read said the shirts fit true to size, and the other half indicated that they ran *very* small and to order 1-3 sizes up. My Type A personality was not amused. 
Gratuitous shot of Cinna getting scritches this evening
Friday after work I visited six stores looking for polos, and while I found a plethora of other workout clothes, no polos. The only place that had anything close to what I wanted was Dick’s Sporting Goods, but they were about 2x the cost of the ones I was looking at online, so I passed. Sunday I made another run by Dick’s (different city, so I was hoping the clearance rack might yield something useful), and lo and behold, the same shirts I looked at Friday were now buy one, get one free! Since that put them at the equivalent of the ones I was looking at online with the added bonus of being able to try them on, I splurged and bought 4 -- black and white (for schooling shows and clinics), and purple and royal blue for lessons/whatever. I also forgot that I had been bidding on a few on eBay, and I also won a Nike one in navy, so I should be set for a while... haha. 
The black one blends into the TV.... oops?
I did also manage to squeeze in a short ride on Ruby yesterday evening. It was hot and we’re both out of shape, so I kept it brief. I was really pleased with her walk work and *most* of her trot work, but we’re still really struggling at the canter. I think part of the problem is the size of the arena -- I need to either work out in the fields or trailer her over to my house and use mine, since it’s wider. I just seriously lack motivation when it gets this hot... 
It's dual stall fan hot, ya'll....
Oh and I almost forgot! My one non-horse related birthday gift this year (haha) was a FitBit -- I’ve been using a cheap pedometer from a pilot program my work did like 2 years ago, and I was pretty rough on it. I’d been eyeballing a FitBit Flex for a while and had one on my Amazon wish list (in teal, naturally), and I got it! I didn’t have the settings right the first night I wore it, but now it’s tracking my sleep, so it’s interesting to see how much (or rather how little) I sleep. I’ve been meaning to talk to my doctor about it anyway, but at least now I’ll have something to show her! 
Tonight I dropped off Ruby's grain (the normal feed store was out so I had to find a different store) and gave her smooches before heading back to the AC -- my mom is coming over for dinner and DH is getting to relax after 2 days of working on lawnmowers and schoolwork, so I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening! And they're calling for some rain tonight, so hopefully that will cool things off and help me relocate my motivation. No promises though.....

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