Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Five

Today will be short and sweet -- here are five things that are currently bringing me joy!

1. The garage being done.
These fucking garage doors man. Like can you even? I cannot. 
Ties in so nicely with the cedar on the front porch.

Also, lowkey obsessed with the app that connects to my garage door opener so I can use my phone instead of a clicker. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.
NightSight mode on the Pixel is MY FAVORITE.
2. Our tornado shelter being installed. Spring in the Midwest comes with some pretty hairy storms, and it's nice to finally have the peace of mind that comes with having a safe place to ride them out with the dogs.
The installation process was cool AF to watch too, this custom rig they designed helps set the RIDICULOUSLY HEAVY shelters into place. 
Anchoring it.
Custom painted to go with the house colors :)
3. Getting to transition the horses onto grass is one of my favorite parts of spring. Ruby is less enthused this year, because she is joining Cinna in the space jellyfish muzzle club and she is ANGRY about it.... haha. 
"Are you kidding me right now?"
"I hate you."
Aggressively trying to rub it off, and when she was unsuccessful, she started angrily running and bucking while I laughed.
Poor abused Ruby. Life is so hard!
4. The camera on my new (to me, haha) Google Pixel 3. Especially since I'm now confined to my property and my animals are constantly doing cute shit. Now I get to document it all with an even better camera!
It's a repeat but I don't care!
It's not my dogs, but I ordered some fantastic jewelry from my talented silversmith friend. Check her out at Greylock Silver
5. Tiger King memes. 'Nuff said.


  1. The garage doors are GORGEOUS!
    And the Tiger King memes are gold. They just keep coming!

    1. I cannot stop laughing at them. One of my coworkers hasn't watched it yet and I told her I'm going to keep sending her memes she won't understand until she does! hahahaha

  2. After learning about Joe Exotic in 2016 from his presidential run I am so happy to learn that the crazy drug induced rabbit hole gets deeper. My husband doesn't watch tv and even he was engrossed by it!

    Also yeah we both said "wow Dante cost more money than a tiger, we could have bought a bunch of tigers"

    1. I do not understand how I could have possibly missed him in politics - I go down so many crazy rabbit holes. HOW DID I MISS THIS LEVEL OF CRAZY?!

      Haha yeah I've never paid tiger-level money for any of my horses so I didn't really get to experience that particular feeling but my husband did joke that we could definitely buy a tiger with our upcoming stimulus check and I choked on my drink.

  3. I could have purchased a lot of tigers by now. That's what I learned.

    1. What a missed opportunity. And they even mentioned an exotic animal sale in my state 🤷‍♀️😂

  4. I'm so happy you just amassed all of those memes in one place.

  5. That show trips me out but I am HERE for the Tiger King memes

    1. They're supposed to be dropping another episode Friday, if the rumors are to be believed!

      I love that you can see the shift on my phone from saving coronavirus memes to tiger king memes, LOL.