Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tack Shed Renovation: Getting Started!

Okay so I drafted yesterday's post last Friday and I really didn't think we would get anything done over the weekend...
I did get my garage door painted Saturday!
My husband is historically not nearly as keen to start (or finish!) my projects as he is his own, but after we spent a full day Saturday on his projects, that evening I nicely pointed out we spent all of March and April to date on his projects, and I've been waiting for FIVE YEARS to finish that tack shed... Lol. So Sunday morning without being prompted, he dragged out his tools so we could get started.
Starting to pull down the big center brace.
Bye giant brace! I won't miss you! 

Re-bracing the ceiling so we can vault it 🤗
My favorite part of this was when he asked me "one chandelier or two?' 😂😂😂 he knows me so well, and I love him.
That didn't take too long, and the cut up brace actually was the perfect length to reuse for the ceiling braces we needed - kismet! The original wiring in the shed was basically just two lights, an outlet for the dehumidifier, and a vent to try to help regulate the temperature. During initial construction 5 years ago, we didn't plan to put up real interior walls, so the electrical was all run on the outside of the studs. In order to put up the paneling, that all needed to be rerun through the top plate and studs. While he was rerunning it, he also added another outlet for the heat/AC unit. I may still have him run one more outlet, for a barn fridge (duh!) and a WiFi extender so it gets better internet access. You can never have too many outlets!
Pictures of electrical work isn't terribly exciting 🤷‍♀️
When he finished that, we decided we might as well dive into the flooring too. I had moved that over early last week to acclimate. Flooring was tricky because we had to floor a few rows, move stuff, floor a few more, move more stuff, etc etc etc 😂 this would have been SO much easier if we had done this when we built it, but, ya know 🤷‍♀️
I own... A lot of stuff 😂 this is not all of the stuff I pulled out. 
Extra chairs for our dining room table that need repair 🙈 my list of projects is, extensive... Lol
The grand piano that is actually the reason we BUILT this shed! It has been in my family since it's original purchase in the 1920s. The soundboard is shot, and not worth replacing (especially since no one plays it), so it is destined to become a bookcase in my living room... Eventually. Someday. Maybe 2021 😆
We had all the flooring done by mid-afternoon, so DH wandered off to tinker on some stuff in the garage (he had a non-running tiller someone gave us, that he had working again by Sunday night), so I plugged away on the insulation on my own for another hour or so. I used everything leftover from the garage, and the rest doesn't have the backing on it so I figured it might work well for the gable ends.
Hard to see, but completely floored! And I still have leftover to do my horse trailer tack room eventually 😁 and even more after that I dunno what I'm gonna do with, it was special order so I don't think I can return any leftover 🤔
Back wall 2/3 insulated
One side wall partially insulated. I also did the small areas above the double doors, just neglected to photograph it. That's as far as I can go without buying more insulation. 
All in all, a pretty productive Sunday! My packages of organizational supplies start arriving this week, yay! Which at least makes me feel like things are progressing, even if it's much slower than Sunday 😆.


  1. Eeeeeee. I love this.

    And the door for the garage.

    And the idea of a piano bookshelf!

    1. I laugh every time I look at the front/garage doors because I remember the horror on the Menard's employee's face when I requested this color mixed with outdoor paint and told him it was for my front door LOL.

      I really, really didn't want the piano to get trashed when we discovered the soundboard was shot, but a baby grand takes up A LOT of space and I couldn't really justify building the equivalent of an extra room to hold it... so I started searching for ideas of what it could be repurposed into, and a bookshelf just seemed like the right fit <3 especially considering how many books I own!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! While my husband can be a little difficult to get on board with my projects sometimes, once he's on board he's ON BOARD and he will work his fingers off making things happen <3

    2. It's not a bad quality :) the trick is always locating and dangling that motivational carrot to get things started...... ;) haha

  3. I am loving living vicariously through these projects! I'm physically itching wanting to help organize your new tack room, please keep the updates coming! And two chandeliers, duh ;)

    1. Haha I would WELCOME the assistance organizing it! Damn coronavirus!

      Due to the price of chandeliers, I opted to have him wire in for one and then I'll probably add some can lights. Because I have champagne taste on a beer budget, lol. But I did buy one and its AWESOME! :)

    2. Haha true, and the can lights will be brighter anyway. If it's the one I saw on IG I'm obsessed, it's perfect!! (COVID is giving me way too much time to internet stalk but it's my coping mechanism so I'm telling myself it's fine)

    3. Yes! I can't keep a secret to save my life 😂😂 it's the one from IG!

  4. So exciting! I can't wait to see it all finished!
    Also, hold on to some of your extra flooring. My mom had a leak in her house and some of the flooring bubbled up and had to be replaced. I think it's the same type that you have. She had kept some when she had the floor done so it was easy to swap it out and looks great. Harder to match down the road if you don't keep some around.

    1. This flooring is vinyl and waterproof, so shouldn't bubble (we had that issue with laminate in the past though!), but yeah, definitely need to keep some in case the house or tack shed needs some repair due to...whatever in the future 🙂

      I'm getting impatient enough I might dabble with some store pickup to get this moving again haha.