Monday, February 7, 2022

Magical Pony Club Weekend: Saturday

Backwards again. SIGH. Oh well, at least I only have a few phone photos (the ones that always insert backwards) and then I have actual images from my camera, imagine that, lol. Or photos shamelessly stolen from Renate or T lol. Saturday was designated as photo day! We decided to get Renate and T dressed up nicely and go out to the lake to take some pretty photos! This was quite an endeavor because we packed a bunch of stuff out to the shore including my camera, a Pivo, a tripod, some tack/boot changes/etc etc. But the horses were game and off we went!

This time I rode Cowboy to the lake. He is a sweet boy but definitely has some OPINIONS occasionally. He reminds me a lot of Jack (which, not terribly surprising, he's also a TB lol). 

But he was still fun to ride! 

The lake was BEAUTIFUL this day. No breeze, so the surface looked like glass and was superb for photos. We couldn't have asked for better weather basically the entire trip, it was so lovely. 

On the way back he was really fairly done with us (he had to spend a lot of time just standing on the beach while I took photos) and I ended up handing my camera off, because I was legit a little worried it might end up on the ground. Potentially smashed underneath me, when our detour over some sand revealed that it was blown over a significant amount of snow. That we promptly sank into. Cowboy DID NOT LIKE. 

Every morning was prettier than the last. 

T photographing me photographing Renate and Vesta, lol. Actually one of my favorite photos of the whole weekend! Me in my element <3 and Renate and T tolerating me being bossy about their outfits and how I wanted them to stand and then throwing a water bottle full of treats 

We also tried to use the Pivo to get some selfies of all three of us with the horses. Mixed results. In this one, you can see the plastic bottle full of treats we were using to get the horses attention, as T threw it (and then watched it) while Renate and I were actually smiling for the camera, lol. 

In this outtake, I was the one throwing it haha



I requested some action shots from Renate and she and Vesta were happy to oblige!

We did a handful of portraits for T and Gatsby <3

Renate and Vesta too!

I have about a bagillion more photos, but I tried to stick with ones Renate and T had shared so at least I know they didn't hate these ;) after our lake trip, we went back to the house and Renate let us both ride Vesta! With the crappy weather we'd had at home prior to the trip, I hadn't done any real schooling for weeks, and it definitely showed. Several times poor Vesta was like WTF lady. But she was SO good and patient and just kept on truckin' while I tried to marshal my legs and hands and seat to all do what I wanted them to do, lol. Her canter is AHHHHHHH-MAZING. Renate took photos of me riding her, then I took some of T riding her, but I haven't even begun so sort through images from the real camera (all the ones you see here were ones I let Renate and T copy to their laptops so they didn't have to wait for me to do something with them lol). One of my favorite things about this trip was all the options we had for riding - T's ring, easy trails down to the lake, hilly/rocky trails (more on those later!), or even down to a little arena they had in the park nearby (complete with bleachers, wash racks, and little individual stalls for people, so cool! That area truly is paradise for horse people! (well, minus the whole desert so no real grass. Which, actually would be perfect for my air ferns lol)


  1. Jealousy level=extreme

    stupid pandemic

    1. The pandemic is the actual worst 😭😭😭

    2. I truly wish it was easier for all of us spread across the world to get together with our horses!! Why is teleportation not a thing yet? 😂

  2. I can't get over how beautiful it is there! Sounds like the best trip!

    1. It was like a fairy tale no matter which direction you turned! I wonder if the people who live there ever get used to it lol