Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Magical Pony Club Weekend: Sunday

Sunday Renate had plans to haul to a local facility for some XC schooling, so naturally we made it a group outing and OF COURSE I brought my camera :) we didn't have to be there until midday, so after chores, we got to have a pretty leisurely morning! This included several cups of London fog and chai for me, plus a decadent breakfast. I ate better on this trip than I have in years, and fully expected to come back weighing 10 points more than when I arrived, lol. Magically I did not, probably because we did SO MANY THINGS the whole time so I was able to burn those calories right back off :) 

After chores Drifter consented to almost snuggle me on the couch. 

Guarding Renate's stuff in the barn. She's the cutest. 

Gatsby and Cowboy being adorable while we were doing chores. 

This was actually on the way home from XC schooling, we stopped to grab some lunch to eat outside on the patio and Vesta was fascinated by Renate's milkshake lol. 

The XC place boards horses and there were some CUTIES. They were super interested in what we were doing outside their paddocks lol. 

Now for the photos from my real camera! They're a bit out of order as well, but I got some nice images of Renate warming up in one of the fields, then we wandered all over the facility trying to find the safest XC jumps (there was ice around some of them, and some were into or out of turnouts containing horses, so none of those were great options), and then finished up in their outdoor arena so she could pop over some stadium fences! We got to be ground crew to help set poles ;) and Renate even had time to jump around a few times with adventure unicorn 2.0!

adventure unicorn 2.0 hitching a ride lol

warming up out in one of the paddocks

walking around looking for more JOMPS


this log was enormous and they made it look so easy

with adventure unicorn 2.0 riding shotgun - side note, despite taking like 4 clear shots of this jump when she was originally popping around, once I actually NEEDED to get the shot, my camera was like "jokes on you, she'll be in focus for the three shots before and after the jump but OVER the jump she's blurry".... sigh. So I'm completely fired because I made them jump it several times and never did get a great shot... sob. luckily T also video'd so I'm sure we can grab a screenshot out of the video. 

On the way home we stopped at this amazing burger place (that we also stopped at on Friday on our way back from Lake Tahoe) and stuffed ourselves while I frantically refreshed stats on the AFC championship game (which KC completely and utterly bombed, womp womp) and Renate scrolled through the jompies photos on my camera. We ate so late/were so full that we went back and then were completely lazy that afternoon and just snacked for dinner, lol. T introduced me to Tillamook cheese (which, living in BFE Missouri, I had never had), so we made the most delicious snacks with it and I am now obsessed. This was such a cool day - we got to give Gatsby and Cowboy a break from packing us all over, but still definitely MORE than got our daily horse fix, and it was so fab to watch Renate and Vesta absolutely killing it over all the jumps. 


  1. Drifter loves you forever now.

    You've made everyone back home even more jealous of Renate then we already were with all of these pictures !

    1. I would die for Drifter 🥺🥰

      Aww and thank you, you're too kind! Renate is so special to me and I'd heard so much about Vesta so it was SUCH a fun experience for me trying to get photos that capture the essence of their partnership while also utilizing the stunning scenery we had access to ♥️

  2. Such a fun day! Renate and Vesta both look like they're having a blast!

    1. They were so much fun to watch!! Like I have zero desire to jump giant solid obstacles but it was amazing to watch Vesta just skipping around over everything looking cool as a cucumber with Renate up there piloting like a badass!

  3. What a great time. Renate- what is your final destination?

    1. I'm not sure she'll see this to reply, but since you're friends with her on FB you may have already figured out she's doing some showing in California :)