Wednesday, March 16, 2022

WW: Best Lesson Dog

Penny is turning into the most wonderful little traveler and lesson dog! I'm hoping that will easily translate into being a good horse show dog, which we will hopefully test in a few weeks ;)  

One of the nice ladies at the barn was hanging out watching my lesson and she was more than happy so snuggle Penny so DH could photograph. Penny spent most of the lesson intently watching haha. 

And then pretty much immediately PTFO for the ride home (Blogger is doing the photos from my phone backwards again, SIGH)

Yes I'm *that* dog mom and bought her a little carseat haha. I figured it will be great when I'm driving somewhere alone and can clip her in. 

She would wake up periodically to reposition, but spent 99% of the drive snoozin' haha. 

On the way there she was a bit more alert!

She loves her daddy <3

Adventure time!

"Why would you clip me in this basket? Why?"
She decided it wasn't so bad after I fed her some treats haha. 

If there is anything prettier than the sun lighting up this copper penny red noodle dog, I haven't seen it <3