Friday, August 5, 2022

What a Week

Whew, this has been A WEEK. Highlights include a marginally successful virtual lesson Monday (despite it being FIVE BILLION DEGREES), lots of show packing, spending allllllll day yesterday in the hospital for DH's back surgery (doc was optimistic so 🤞🤞), and then up and at 'em early to put everything in the trailer and head to the show!

So hot the feral barn cat melted (hey at least he doesn't run when I walk by anymore lol).

I really did expect my phone to overheat and shut down, but the sunshade and USB fan pointed at the phone actually kept it functional through about 85% of the lesson! I'm disappointed with the Bluetooth headphones, I couldn't get further than about 15m from the pivo without the audio cutting out badly. Video quality was all over the map. Still have no idea why 🫠🫠🫠 oh well. Just a stopgap since TrainerB moves to her new (closer) barn next month, and gas prices continue to creep back towards the realm of reasonable. Cannot waaaaaaaaait to set up my Gifted grant boot camp week!

Ruby thought it was absolute BULLSHIT that she had to work that hard at home 🤣

I deserved this 🤣

This laundry brush was comically tiny lol

Making a list, checking it twice!

Wildly over packing because I have bugs in my brain lol. 

Wish us luck! My goal is to make decisions and RIDE my tests, and not go completely braindead/curl up in the fetal position and quit riding. 


  1. Long-time reader, love reading about your horses and your pups.
    Instead of the laundry brush, check and see if a vegetable cleaning brush or one for hand washing dishes would be appropriate? It would give you a little more surface area for scrubbing, just take care that they nylon/plastic does not scruff up the fabric. You don't need 'pills' on your nice saddle pads.
    M in NC

    1. That's a wonderful idea, thank you so much! Glad you enjoy my "kiddos" 😁

  2. I hope you and Ruby have a great time at the show!! ❤️