Monday, March 20, 2023

First Trail Ride!

Last week, the day after I hauled her to the indoor, we had some daylight and DH actually got home from work at a reasonable hour so I conned him into taking a quick trail ride with us! 

Still experimenting to see what mouthpiece she likes best. Her former owner rode her in a pelham but I am looking for something dressage legal - I did happen to have this pelham laying around (bought it at Rolex for like $5 lol) so I didn't put a rein on the curb portion. 

As his 26 year-old jigged through the entire ride, DH glared at me and told me he wanted to trade horses šŸ¤£ yes yes, that was my master plan! 

But seriously, she was fab. Was curious about all the new sights and sounds (our woods are vastly different than the deserts she grew up in!) but she didn't put a foot wrong the whole ride. Only annoyance was her trying to root the reins out of my hands occasionally, so we'll be working on that. Tragically, my endurance saddle isn't a good fit for her (it wasn't a good fit for Ruby either), so I'm going to try a few other ones on her. Looking forward to getting her out on some longer rides as her fitness improves!