Monday, March 13, 2023

Introducing Esperanza Risueña

So if you saw my post last week (or any of my social media posts lately), you know we have a new addition! 

Meet Esperanza Risueña 

She's a 16 y/o buckskin Azteca mare

And she's Ruby's mama!

Last fall, the woman who owned her (who I have been FB friends with for several years), reached out to see if I would be interested in her. She wasn't working out in her current role, and living in AZ means keeping horses that aren't working is $$$$, so she was wondering if I might have space. The mare has a long history of working equitation, dressage, trail riding, and has even dabbled in mounted shooting! We were originally aiming to leave her in AZ until her owner could find a replacement, but that was taking longer than expected, so we decided to move her now. Arranging shipping was kind of a bear (and she ended up getting picked up the morning after I got back from my grant week, which was stressful, lol), but she's here! 

Picking her up at the shipper's farm about 1.5 hours away. Even after two full days on a trailer, she still cheerfully hopped on my trailer in the dark without batting an eyelash and rode quietly all the way home. 

Now you see why we needed to renovate the barn to add another stall 🤣 DH is smitten. 

Ruby meeting her mama for the first time in 11+ years. 

Jack is also smitten 🤣

Her color is delicious 

Can't wait to see her all shed out! 

A delight for hand walking at dawn, trying to get her some exercise (she has shoes and pads all around so we're trying to avoid our muddy turnouts until my farrier can assess at the end of the month). 

Figuring out the grazing muzzle - she was born in CA and spent her entire life there/in Arizona, so grass is something we are taking slow. 

She loves scratches

Playing bridle model - I bought that Eponia with gold buckles and a brown bling browband on a total whim last fall and it is PERFECT for her 😍

Herd integration 😁

It will NOT stop raining, so I don't have a timeline on actually getting on her, but I'm looking forward to playing with her buttons and seeing what she's up for doing! Hoping for some dressage and trail riding, but I'll let her tell me what she's comfortable with. 


  1. She's absolutely gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    1. Her personality seems equally lovely so far 😁 she's been easy as pie on the ground, I'm starting to see where Ruby gets her generally unflappable demeanor from!

  2. Hooray! She's beautiful and looks so sweet too

  3. Congratulations! She sounds like a great addition to the farm.

  4. Replies
    1. In fairness to me, I haven't acquired any new horses since Ruby (purchased in 2011, delivered in 2012), and Cinna (born in 2012). I feel like I get a pass for this collection 🤣🤣

  5. I love this so much for you guys! She's beautiful, and I see so much of her in Ruby. Can't wait to see what she's like for you under saddle! Congratulations!!!!

    1. Aw thank you! Every day that she's here I see more similarities to Ruby ♥️