Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Lesson Recap: Show Prep

Last weekend, of course my lesson was on the coldest day of the week 🥶🥶 

Ruby: "this is bullshit"
Also, she was DISGUSTING and I couldn't really clean her up 🥴 she had mud castanets in her tail. 

I grumbled a lot, but man it ended up being a good lesson! We're showing in (less than) two weeks and everything is feeling so solid. I hadn't gotten to ride between lessons (weather + too many horses lol) but Ruby always just picks right back wherever we left off the last ride. 

Being EXTRA AF in the leg yields lol

We are getting so much more solid in the cantering quietly without Ruby constantly being like ADD POWER WHEEEEEE. And after figuring out what the issue was with leg yielding off my right leg, now TrainerB likes those better than the other way (same with the canter when we first started lessoning haha). 

Now I just... Need to learn my tests 🙈 and make sure all my show stuff fits!