Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Hot Hot Summer

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week were daaaaangerously and grossly hot. Like ew. Hopefully the worst that summer is gonna throw at us, and at least it was during the week so I was mostly hanging out in my work a/c all day. Just doing chores had me dripping in sweat -- and of course Jack picked this week to come in one morning COVERED in hives... because, horses. He got some antihistamine and picked up a bottle of Eqyss Microtek spray that calmed them down quickly (and smells nice to boot!). 

Sleepy pones. 

Tuesday was fucking gross. 

Oh yeah thanks Jack, definitely needed to deal with that last week. 

Wednesday was equally disgusting, and then some. 

Thursday apparently I didn't take a photo of the temps, but I'm sure you can imagine. 

Friday it was supposed to cool down a little, and I guess it *sort of* did, but not much. Saturday looked like it was going to be rainy most of the day, so I decided better to sweat my ass off Friday and actually get some saddle time! Normally I try to ride as soon as I'm done with chores, that way I can be back inside to have dinner with DH and get to bed at a reasonable hour, since we get up early for work. But knowing I didn't have anything to get up for Saturday morning, I decided to wait until my arena was shaded (which doesn't happen until close to 8 pm this time of year) and ride then. 

Did the fact that I got new tights and a new saddle pad factor into my decision to ride? OF COURSE NOT. Okay yeah maybe it did lol. 

I forgot the Equisense (and I'm trying to be better about ride tracking) so I had to duck back in and get it and Cinna literally climbed up both concrete steps and almost put a hoof up on the vinyl plank, haha. 

She was a little sassy! We warmed up in the Equibands (which made me sad because I really wanted to use my pretty new saddle pad haha #hoarderproblems). 

But after having to trot and canter around for a while she decided being sassy was a lot of work. 

She was 100% sure there were dead people in the woods and she's not wrong (that's where the cemetery is haha). 

I already had the Piper ombre tights in blue, so naturally I needed them in black too. Oh look, you can see the equibands in the shot lol. 

Mmmmm yes. 


I was really happy with the work she gave me and was starting to wrap up when my husband started doing dumb shit down in the woods at dusk right at the edge of her line of sight (see post tomorrow for details haha) so I decided I liked living and got off to hand walk her for a minute so I didn't die. She has gotten SO MUCH BETTER about not being such a constantly spooky shit so I try to set her up for success when I can. It was a nice way to wrap up my week!


  1. That ombre pad is just perfection.

  2. I really love that MicroTek spray although I need some other type of mane / tail detangler. Any suggestions?

    1. I really love the Equifuse products, particularly the Gleam :)

  3. Microtek is my favorite spray. I use it all winter when they're all dry skin and dingy. Hope it cools off for you guys soon!

    1. The hives are all gone now, thankfully! The spray is great! 😁 And our weather is much better this week 🙌

  4. I LOVE the pad and your tights, but was faintly confused to see that they weren't teal LOL

    1. 🤣🤣 blue ombre pad, black ombre tights, and the other tights are at least blue based. Beggars can't be choosers when it comes to what's on clearance hahaha