Monday, August 9, 2021

Zen is a Freshly Dragged Arena

So I know you're all DYING to hear about the lesson (haha and I'm dying to write about it) but I'm trying to stay in chronological order so I don't miss things, so you get the rides from earlier in the week first. Sorry not sorry.  

Nothing like the zen of a freshly dragged arena. 

Apparently I was so tired Monday the only photo I took of Ruby was when I was trying to figure out if I put her bridle together correctly lol. Spoiler alert, I did. 

She was a good egg, as usual. I was trying to prep for the lesson so I mostly focused on walk/trot and figures and transitions. I honestly don't remember anything unusual about the ride, so it must have been good! lol. 

Tuesday, Cinna was v sassy. 

Look at her eyes. See the sass. 

We rode for a whilllllllllle and she was very much up and on her sewing machine Iberian sewing machine trot to start, and I *almost* let her suck me into her drama about arguing about pace at the trot. But I took a deep breath and focused on my own biomechanics and slowing my post and magically she slowed down and we had like... NICE trot. Funny how that works. Why I have to learn that lesson every fifth ride on her, I don't know, but here we are, learning it again for the 21938237th time. 

Wednesday I really wanted to ride, but I had a mentally stressful day at work and I was so wrung out I knew it wasn't fair to either of the horses to get on in the frame of mind I was in, so I just opted to just lunge Ruby in the bands. She was really good and I thought it was good prep for our lesson (which ended up getting moved from Saturday to Friday). 

Why is my horse so perfect? 🤩

Hanging out loose in the aisle afterwards. 

Thursday it was a little drizzly and the radar didn't look great so I decided it was time for a mini-spa day for Ruby - I didn't want her to look feral for our lesson. Fresh roach, cleaned up her legs, and also did a very half-ass job banging her tail 🤣

That's what she thinks about her roach lol. 

I also cleaned my (super disgusting) boots, and got everything else ready for Friday!


  1. Oooh can't wait to hear about the lesson! Ruby is muscling up nicely <3