Friday, May 27, 2016

Arrowhead Creek Stables: Home Away From Home

Before we built an arena, I got in the habit of boarding at least one horse out for the winter. The weather in Missouri is notoriously unpredictable, and it was the only way I could guarantee that I would be ready on a reasonably fit horse when show season starts in March. The first winter I boarded out was a bit of a disaster -- my very easy keeper lost a lot of weight, rarely got any turnout, and had perpetually empty water buckets.
When you can see ribs on this horse, you know there's a problem.
So I tried again the following winter, at a different barn that had recently re-opened under new management a few miles away from our farm. It just so happened that the manager was a fellow WWU grad that I had taken a therapeutic riding class with, and I knew that she was horse-savvy and trustworthy. I moved Topaz there in the fall of 2014, and have had a horse boarded there ever since. 

To me, facilities are nice, but that takes a backseat to the care provided to my horse -- and Arrowhead Creek Stables is top-notch in the care department. The barn manager’s equine resume speaks for itself, but the shiny, happy horses living at ACS also speak volumes! 
My Time to Win (aka Carlos)
ACS boasts both an indoor and outdoor arena, indoor (heated) and outdoor wash racks, a climate-controlled tack room, and miles of trails! Feeding and turnout schedules are customized for each horse, and routine things like blanketing and stall fans are included in the monthly cost. 
Baby Ruby learning how to cross the creek.
Ground driving out on the trails!
ACS also caters to a diverse clientele -- riders and horses from all disciplines are welcome. Although I’m constantly trying to recruit dressage-minded individuals, ACS is (or has been) the home of western horses, saddleseat horses, hunters, jumpers, trail riders, and even the cutest mini horse ever (Silver, I’m looking at you!). With a location close to WWU, ACS has a large client base in the form of college students, but there is also a really great core group of ladies that stay year-round.

One of my favorite things about ACS (aside from the great care) is the atmosphere -- it’s very inviting and supportive. There is plenty of trailer-pooling and showing up to cheer each other on at horse shows, even when it’s a new or different discipline. Everyone is always willing to pitch in and lend a hand, and the “barn parties” are always a blast!
ACS bonfire!
 Half of the fun of being involved in horses is the relationships with other horse people -- and I wouldn't want to keep my horses anywhere besides ACS!


  1. Hands down the most professional, cleanest, versatile small operation in the area! I keep my western/ranch mare there and take lessons in Western Dressage, Trail, Showmanship and Eq with Tara. Love!