Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Short and Sweet

As my loyal followers (cue snarky giggle) might have noticed, the blog has been quiet for a few days. I took advantage of my long weekend to spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends. Lots of BBQing and time outside, kicking butt at washers, a little bit of sleeping in, and even a trail ride with DH!
My selfie game is pathetic, I know....
Matching even on trail rides. It's a sickness I tell you!
I had great intentions to get back on the wagon tonight, since it was the night of my first real lesson in.... well, a really, really long time. However, I underestimated how wiped out I would be (thanks Missouri humidity), and that DH would take almost 1200 pictures of me and Jacki to sort through. 
The lighting in this arena is hard to photograph in, but considering the size and the footing and all the other things going for it, I'll forgive the crummy lighting :)
Suffice to say, it was a great experience, and we actually have another lesson set for next week -- the instructor will be out of town the last following two weeks, but I think the goal is every other week lessons, and riding in my outdoor on the off weeks. So plenty of "off the farm" experiences for Ruby and Mort, and chances to ride in bigger arenas!
Right bend is hard. Soooo much work to the right.
Tomorrow Ruby has her first appointment with the chiropractor, so hopefully that will turn into an interesting post if I can snap some media of her adjustment. So things are off and running and I will actually have interesting content for you -- providing you find my rambling interesting that is!

I'll do a better lesson recap with more photos (including some of the ugly moments, 'cause God knows there were plenty of those as well) once I have a chance to go through more photos. For now, a cookie and a glass of milk and then bed is calling my name, in that order!

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