Friday, October 14, 2016

Lip Wiggles

If you follow me on Instagram this might look familiar:
Wednesday I had time to zoom to the barn to throw Ruby on the lunge. She was absolutely disgusting and I was in a hurry, so apologies for the mud. She looks like a swamp thing. While I was lunging her, I noticed something weird. Every time I asked her to "whoa", shed stop, and then stand there and wiggle her lips. The first time she did it I thought it was a fluke, but by the 6th time I pulled out my phone to try to video. It was the most random thing ever. DH was in the corner of the arena laughing his head off. No idea if this is a permanent thing, but i find it hysterical, so I feel compelled to share.
Anyone else have a horse spontaneously develop a weird tic like this?


  1. O. M. G. Plz to teach Charlie this trick!!!!!!!

  2. If I knew how I did it I totally would! It was so funny - you literally cannot be in a bad mood when your horse is standing there flapping their lips 😂

  3. One of the mares started flapping her lip today and I thought of you guys! 😂

    1. I need to lunge her again and see if it "sticks" haha. I'll be so sad if it was a one time deal!