Thursday, October 27, 2016


Yesterday was my 100th post -- I suppose I should have been paying a little more attention and worked a little harder on something good for you guys! haha.
Even though this is 101, haha.
I had a post written up for this morning, but unfortunately I drafted it in Facebook Notes, and when I got home last night and tried to copy it over to edit and schedule, Notes wasn't working. Then my computer spazzed about finishing the photo editing. It had already been a really long (aka frustrating) day, so I said fuck it and sat in the hot tub with half a bottle of wine and a book instead.
So you get this pitiful excuse for an update, and some of the few decent pictures of my ride. I've attempted to contact the FB gremlins to see if my draft can be recovered, but if not I guess I'll be stuck rewriting it! Grrrrr.


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    1. I know that's nothing in the grand scheme of things compared to some of ya'll who have been posting for years, but it was a fun little milestone for me about 6 months in! 😀 Thank you!!

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    1. Thank you 😍 might not be the best at "dressage-ing" but we try to be fun to look at!

  3. I was super excited when I hit 100 posts. Then someone posted about their 500th or something and I went well damn... 😂

    1. Exactly 😂 lol

      But I've stuck with it longer than I thought I would, and have some fun stuff in the works, so I don't anticipate stopping any time soon! 😁