Friday, October 7, 2016

Stress Relief

Whew, what a week! Glad I was able to fill most of the week with some pre-written content, because things have been manic -- more manic than usual, if that's a thing? September/October (but particularly October) are my busiest times at work, and this week kicked that off in full force. We also had company at the beginning of the week -- a friend of ours from Texas who just so happens to be a terrific chef and share a lot of interests with DH. Naturally barn time took a backseat to hanging with him, and cooking up some really spectacular meals!
The amount of pulled pork and brisket consumed was mind-boggling.

Wednesday I dragged myself out to the barn, but couldn't muster up the energy to ride. I figured this was as good a time as any to make progress towards those October goals from earlier in the week, so I was going to set up some cavaletti for Ruby. Halfway through dragging out poles, I changed my mind, and set up a jump instead! I'm thinking about a hunter pace at the end of the month, and I'd really like to pop her over at least one jump and not die (or cry like a small child) in the process. She's free jumped before, and seems to enjoy it, so I wanted to revisit that.
I've been using retail therapy to combat stress. Don't tell DH. I'll be in trouble when the packages start arriving!
Badger dogs are also useful at reducing stress.
The first time I sent her at the jump, she wheeled and ducked out like it was going to eat her. After coaxing her over it the first time, she suddenly remembered how much fun it was, and then I couldn't get her to stop. She'd circle and keep jumping -- several times I had to physically go out there and stand in her way and send her off the other direction to stop her. I mean, I guess I'm glad she enjoyed it?? It was so fun watching her totally lock onto the jump and then fly over it! We started with a tiny baby crossrail, and worked our way up to a baby vertical. The poles at the barn are very light, and she wasn't always careful, so she scattered the poles a handful of times. I think I had almost as fun watching her as she had jumping, so that helped brighten up my day a bit. Afterwards I hosed her off and let her hand graze and just hung out with her.
 Ignore the commentary and the incessant clucking, I didn't think to bring a lunge whip... haha. And also I like to make fun of my horse when she does random, uncoordinated things.
New teal boots. More retail therapy. In my defense, they were on clearance!
Last night I didn't plan to ride because I was heading up to the show venue from last weekend to help tear down the dressage arena, but a rainstorm in the area kind of ruined those plans, so I found myself at loose ends. It hadn't rained much at the barn, so I messaged one of the other boarders at the barn and we ended up taking a lengthy trail ride, which was SO GOOD for my mental state. Between Ruby's fat leg, prepping for the rained out show, Vegas, prepping for the show that actually happened, and now things at work, I was basically a giant, snappy, grumpy ball of stress. Trail riding is so therapeutic for me.
I don't have anywhere logical to put this, so here, random sunrise picture.
We had a great chat while we looped and backtracked and meandered all over the property, trotting and cantering in the fields, crossing the creek, exploring new trail offshoots, and more. We had some absolutely fantastic canter where she let me adjust things without getting pissy, and then we could still come back and walk on the buckle. I felt about 100x better heading home from the barn than I did on my way out there. Hopefully that relaxation will be able to get me through today, and then I have a 3 day weekend! I'll be kicking off my 3 day weekend by meeting up with some friends at the tack auction tonight, yay! I missed last month, so hopefully I can buy some random cheapo crap to write about next week, lol. 
On the buckle, or just no reins at all, either works.
My happy place <3


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    1. Seriously. If my friend hadn't gone with me I was going to try you hacking/reading method, haha.

  2. What a silly girl free-jumping! My gelding will sometimes do that, just round and round with no attention on me

  3. Nothing is better than a long trail ride for stress! :)

    1. They're probably the only thing keeping me sane during the month of October every year! Lol