Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September Goal Review & New October Goals

Since I tried writing out some goals for September for the first time ever, let's see how I did at making progress towards them! 
 -Working on standing still for mounting
Major progress -- I tried the cookie method (thanks EventingSaddlebredStyle!) and she only took one step the first time I tried it (really the only time I for real got to ride her in September). The second time I was just messing around with her after lunging and I climbed on and off about 5 times and she stood like a rock. I'm not willing to say this one is totally fixed yet, but well on it's way. 
- Work on walk/halt transition -- no more flinging her head around
Major progress -- Both times I rode in September she was much more pleasant about downward transitions in general. Again, probably not totally fixed, but progress was definitely made. 
 - Work on straight centerlines
Some progress -- not nearly enough actual riding, but when I did school, she gave me reasonably straight centerlines. 
Panda is cute, so you can see this picture again. Sorry not sorry!
 - More handwalking (and then walking under saddle) on the trail 
Definitely made some progress on this. I hand walked her at least once a week on the trails (minus the week of Vegas). Didn't make it out there under saddle, but I also like living, so there's that. The last week of September I successfully completed the entire loop, and she grazed in several of the grass areas. So definite win! Still probably not ready to ride her out there, but getting closer. 
- Get her out to another fun show to tie to the trailer (bonus points if I attempt halter again) 
Absolutely no progress on this front -- I was ready for a few, but Mother Nature rained on our parade (or you know, our horse show), so I didn't get her out to any horse shows. Boo. And the outdoor show season really kind of wraps up in October, so not sure she'll make it to any more this fall. There is one scheduled for this upcoming Saturday that I might try for, so we'll see how that goes!
October goals
- (Cinna) Start working dressage test elements – more centerlines, halts, circles, diagonals.
- (Cinna) Develop something vaguely resembling a free walk.
- (Cinna) Trailer to an indoor and ride (prep for actually riding at a show).

- (Ruby) Work on fitness – as many trail rides as daylight hours/weather permit, making it a point to do lots of trotting on hills!
- (Ruby) Work on coordination using cavaletti – for the days where I can’t get to the barn before dark and have to work in the indoor.
- (Ruby) Have classical dressage trainer out for lesson.
- (Ruby) Successfully prep for Nov. dressage schooling show and show Training 1/2/3/whatever we feel ready for.

- (Myself) Go to the gym 4x/week, and include actual running at least once a week, not just the elliptical. Contemplate signing up for a 5K.
- (Myself) Dig out my yoga DVDs and try to do at least one or two evenings of yoga a week – now that it’s getting dark earlier, more time inside should mean more time to squeeze in yoga.
- (Myself) Try to refrain from anymore impulse TOTD purchases (or really ANY unnecessary tack purchases).

- (DH) Try to retrain DH so he doesn’t complain so much about me working on blog posts Sunday/Monday/Tuesday nights, so you guys can have more consistent updates.
Maybe he'll go work for the farmer on his days off a few more times so I have free evenings to write!
I feel like all of these are super attainable, pending the weather. And since I don’t have any control over the weather, I’ll just make the goals and see what kind of progress I can make! Wish me luck!


  1. ha good luck with that 'retraining' ;)

    1. Utterly failing with that at the moment because we have a friend in from out of town, so now only do I not have time to blog, I am not even riding right now! 😂 Luckily I had this prewritten haha

  2. those are great goals. I think I should do this!

    1. You should! I'm super bad about setting concrete goals and expectations so sometimes like 6 months will pass and I feel like I've accomplished nothing.... Hopefully this will help me be more accountable 😀 I know there were a few days in September where I didn't really feel up to riding but I thought "I could probably manage a hand walk with Cinna, then at least I can say I tried for my goals". Whatever it takes!

  3. Yay goals! They have really helped me but I do prefer the quarterly version because I get over ambitious in the month.

    1. I'm going to try by the month to start - I'm afraid that I will forget to write/analyze quarterly ones!