Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Goals Review/November Goals

October Goals 
- (Cinna) Start working dressage tests elements
Success – made sure to incorporate centerlines, 20m circles, and diagonals into every ride in October (even though there were only like… four… haha. 

- (Cinna) Develop something vaguely resembling a free walk 
Nope, didn’t even really try. Fail.

- (Cinna) Trailer to an indoor and ride 
Partial success – I did trailer her and ride her off my property, but I opted for the outdoor because I thought it provided more training opportunities. 
- (Ruby) Work on fitness 
Success – went on lots of long trail rides (including our 9mi trail ride at Indian Camp Creek and the hunter pace last weekend). Obviously this is an ongoing goal, not one with an actual end date.
- (Ruby) Work on coordination using cavaletti 
Minimal success – I did free jump her one day, but I totally failed at actually setting up cavaletti.
- (Ruby) Have classical dressage trainer out for lesson 
Total failure – but in my defense I had some sort of event planned almost every single weekend day through mid-November, so hard to coordinate schedules. Not sure November will be any better honestly! 

- (Ruby) Successfully prep for Nov. dressage show
I’m not sure how successful I was, but I did prep for the show and send in entries. 

- (Myself) Go to the gym 4x/wk and run 1x/wk 
Partial success – due to some unplanned events (friends visiting, thumbtack in my foot, etc) I skipped the gym a few days in favor of sleeping in. But I did jog on the track at least every other time I went, and now that DH is switched to his new work schedule I will definitely be up early enough for the gym more often. 
- (Myself) Dig out yoga DVDs 
Total fail – didn’t even look.
- (Myself) Refrain from unnecessary impulse purchases 
Also failed – placed an order with Riding Warehouse, bought something from Whinneywear, and I’m sure there are other things I forgot… haha. 
- (DH) Retrain DH so he stops complaining about the time I spend blogging 
Not sure if this is a success yet or not, but I did try to impress upon him how important this is to me, and I think he’s slightly more on board. Slightly. Time will tell! 

November Goals 
- (Cinna) Attend first horse show, complete one dressage test without leaving the arena or dumping rider 
- (Cinna) Continue to work as often as weather allows 

- (Ruby) Attend fall schooling show, attain scores necessary to be eligible for CDCTA year-end awards 
- (Ruby) Go on another ride at Indian Camp Creek, or a new trail 

- (Myself) Continue working out regularly, either at the gym or using DVDs at home 
- (Myself) Seriously STAHP spending money and repay savings account for impulse hot tub upgrade (although that was mostly DH) and also save for Puerto Rico!

October was a mixed bag -- obviously I was overly ambitious with my goals, but that's okay! I've scaled back a little for November because as DH settles into his new schedule, our routines are going to drastically change. So I want to give myself plenty of wiggle room to figure things out without feeling like I need to beat myself up for not attaining goals. I think that's fair!


  1. Fitting time in your schedule for blogging can be tough. My hubby has the same complaint!

    1. I'm totally in awe of the people who regularly crank out 4-5 posts a week, with great content. Sometimes I'm lucky to get one mediocre post done in a week... Haha. I've been trying to sneak in writing while he does homework or takes calls from work, and that seems to be helping.

  2. Sometimes idk how any of us fit any of it in lol

    1. Seriously. Sometimes I get tired reading other people's blogs -- and I thought I was busy 😂 lol

  3. See my hubs knows that I blog so I can talk to people other than him about horse minutiae. He's a big fan.

    As in. He never has and never will read the blog, but he's all in favor of me having it.

    1. On one hand I'm totally jealous of your uninterrupted blogging time... But on the other hand, I appreciate that mine is interested enough in the horses that we can ride together and he does chores and stuff for them. He just doesn't understand why I want to ride and then write about the riding, lol.

      Trade offs I guess! ☺

  4. I love the riding pants so don't beat yourself up about it. I think that you accomplished a lot!

    1. I love them too 😍 need some new photos wearing them! Haha

  5. I have the problem of not blogging enough because I don't see my FH much during the day since we are both working and/or doing various horsey or non horsey related things, so then we spend time together in the evenings and blogging tends not to happen!

    1. That was my problem on the evenings mine was home, but now that he's switched from evenings to day shift he's going to be home more and I have no idea when I'm going to write, haha.

  6. I need to cut out the impulse buying also!

    1. Blogging is making it so much worse. Now I'm aware of so many more brands and companies and sales and coupon codes 😂