Thursday, November 17, 2016

Transformation Throw Back Thursday

I'm going to do a mishmash post that's a combination of Transformation Tuesday and Throw Back Thursday! Per a comment I made to 'Fraidy Cat Eventing yesterday, my transformation photos are always kind of silly because both of my current show horses have been with me for the majority (if not all) of their lives, so the photos are less "transformation" and more "growing up". However, it was still a fun excuse to break out some gawky and awkward photos of the girls, and show you how they've changed!

First up, Ruby! Ruby arrived at my house when she was 13 months old, and closely resembled a yak. Over the last four years, she's blossomed into a lovely lady!
Shortly after arrival at 13 months.
About 14/15 months
Hitting a growth spurt around 16 months.
A month shy of two.
Late 2 y/o.
Starting more serious work as a 3 y/o.
Lungeing before her second ride, at three.
Ride number 5 (midway through her 3 y/o year).
First horse show! (2014)
From her 2015 show season.
2015 horse show swag.
Our next victim is Cinna. Cinna was born here, so I've seen every possible ugly duckling stage there is. Seriously, I wanted to hide her behind my barn from about eight months to almost four years! She still has phases where she is butt high and awkward, but at least she resembles a horse now -- most days!
May 17, 2012.
So much sass.
About 6 months, with DH (who is 6'4")
Maybe 5 months? Don't remember, I'm the worst mom.
So much awkward in one photo... haha.
Starting to get super awkward. 18 months or so?
Probably early three.... LONG gap because she was so fugly it was mortifying... haha.
First time sitting on her, fall 2015.
Second ride, fall 2015.
Last photos with her dam, Tres, March 2016.
2016 adventures!
And there you have it! A brief stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about how many fun stages baby horses go through. But if you wait long enough, and you started with decent quality babies, they will mature into beautiful, lovely horses! Do you have any particularly endearing photos of your horse as a baby? Or in an awkward stage?


  1. It's amazing how lovely they both turned out to be! I got Dino as a 12 year old, so I don't have any awkward young horse pics of him!

    1. Thank you! I think so, but I'm a bit biased 😎

      All my other horse have come to me "grown" so not quite as awkward, haha.

  2. aww i love this! it's so awesome to watch them grow up - especially seeing the change in their expressions as begin to learn more and more about their own selves and their training and jobs! such lovely mares ;)

    1. It was fun to go back through some of their first under saddle shots. Cinna still looks like SUCH a baby in that picture of her second ride, I didn't realize quite how much she'd matured physically in the last year.

      Thanks for the prompting to do this! 😁

  3. That first picture of ruby has me dying. She matured very nicely!

    1. The first time DH laid eyes on her he said (direct quote) "what the FUCK is THAT?" 😂 Thank God it was a short phase. Prepared him for the year or so Cinna looked like that... Lol

  4. That first pic of Ruby... I didn't know horses could even BE that butt-high! She's so lovely now, though!

    1. Haha right?! Her front and back end were in different zip codes! 😂 And thank you 😍

  5. Not gonna lie, I really wanna see the fugly baby pictures of Cinna.

    1. By the time she hit that stage I had figured out most people didn't share photos lile that 😂 so while they exist, they're buried somewhere on an external hard drive with 100,000 other pics lol

  6. It's SO cool to see all of these pictures back to back. Is it weird that I'm kind of obsessed with Cinna's coat color changes? SO COOL

    1. One of the other reasons there is a huge photo gap on her is that she went very brown before she greyed out and brown going grey is about the FUGLIEST color imaginable 😂 now that we've finally lost the brown undertones I really love her color!