Monday, November 14, 2016

Show Recap: WWU Fall Schooling Show Video

I was kind of in a rush to finish up last Friday's show recap for Sunday and get the photos edited, so it completely slipped my mind that I also had video! It's also kind of new for me to have enough people around to get photo AND video, so there's also that. Mad props to one of the boarders from my barn for waking up at o'dark thirty to come watch the world's most boring test Sunday morning with Cinna, then sticking around and getting video of Ruby's first test as well!
Most of the test
That 8.5 halt though! (sorry, clearly I'm only marginally obsessed hahaha)

And then so Ruby doesn't feel left out....
Beginning of our T1 test on Sunday.
The rest of T1 (including a somewhat messy right lead canter depart)
Watching Ruby's test was only marginally painful for me (it helped that it was her highest scoring test from the weekend I think). And even though I can find 1234984357 things to hate about what I'm doing, I also see some really nice moments, and glimpses of what she could be with more consistency and education on my part.

My takeaway from the show? I have really, really nice, tolerant, patient, ammy-friendly horses who can take a joke but also look kind of fancy when I get my shit together. Also, despite how slow I go and how many mistakes I make along the way, I'm doing pretty okay with my first two completely self-trained horses :)


  1. We are all slow and make mistakes. And your horses are super cute!

    1. I'm so relieved that people can actually see this post, I was starting to wonder if I'd accidentally set it to private or something 😂 or that the videos were worse than I thought!

      And thank you 💞

  2. Aw they both look so good!! I always have a hard time watching my dressage tests too bc I always want to pick them apart haha. But sometimes it's better to just let the scores speak for themselves. Congrats again!!