Thursday, December 31, 2020

Belated Christmas/Early New Years?

So I bought a bunch of silly Christmas hats at the Dollar Store on clearance last Christmas, and I remembered in time to break them out for our little celebration. I didn't think to post them here so enjoy some belated Christmas photos and let's celebrate the new year!

Indy was less than appreciative of our festive-ness (you can't see it but my sweatshirt said "instead of gifts I'm giving people my opinion for Christmas", and also holiday dachshund leggings lol. And christmas light earrings!)

Also not super amused

The scarf and santa hat. I die. 

Everyone got a turn!

Also the ugly christmas sweater sweater cracks me up. 

"Halp. Definitely animal abuse"

Cooper was a good sport though lol. 

Ruby modeling one of my gifts -- four Kensington stall guards in my "black ice" pattern. I'm going to need to rehang the eyehooks though!

She was not fully sold on the antlers.

I could only get one ear, not both, lol. 

Cinna was absolutely on board though, even if I couldn't get both of them looking at me with their ears up at the same time, ha. 

Attempting to bribe them with alf scraps

So close!

man if only I hadn't cut off Cinna's nose

Ruby was DONE with my shit lol

"Hai yes more alf scraps?"

We wore the animals out

Lots of evening snoozing Christmas Day


I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend as we prepare to enter 2021! 


  1. Replies
    1. Saaaame girl. Literally the worst part about the pandemic is missing out on not-Rolex with my favorites... *SOB*

  2. Replies
    1. Awww thanks! My animals are relatively tolerant of my shenanigans lol.

  3. We definitely dressed the animals up for the holidays as well. Happy 2021!

    1. What's the fun in having animals if you don't occasionally get to annoy them by dressing them up? ;) haha

  4. So cute! I always approve of ridiculous hats on mildly annoyed animals!

    1. Haha plenty of that here! Minus Cinna, who generally thinks that all attention is good attention, even if it means sequiny reindeer horns lol