Wednesday, December 23, 2020

WW: New Vibes


Lovin' those new blanket vibes on this gorgeous morning. 

Unfortunately it won't stay gorgeous long, which is why the girls got to break out their new 0 fill rain sheets from Horseware.

So naturally I needed so snap some photos before they're wet and muddy (the blankets, not the horses; the horses DELIGHT in being wet and muddy)

Christmas colors even! Merry Christmas mares, don't say I never gave you anything 😂


  1. I have these too, and they are GREAT! Wear well, and minimal if any rubs!

    1. Glad to hear they wear well! Cinna's previous sheet is an Amigo Mio in a similar style (just no neck cover) and I love it, so figured it was worth taking a chance on these when Stateline wouldn't stop blowing up my email inbox 🤣