Thursday, December 10, 2020

Warm December Days

First things first -- I was notified Monday that the cute little mini donkey, Huckleberry, was on adoption hold for someone else (presumably someone who didn't take 5 days to convince their husband to turn in the adoption application lol). Which is great news for him honestly -- also I think DH is rather relieved... haha. That doesn't mean I won't bring home another mini donkey should one cross my path..... The rescue told me they'd follow up if for some reason that home didn't work out, but I'm not holding my breath. 

Trigger is still holding steady -- he's clearly bored on stall rest, but not doing anything naughty. He has another recheck scheduled for tomorrow, when presumably the cast will come off. They said they last on average 10-14 days, and we're at about day 12. I think it helps that I keep obsessively wrapping and rewrapping it with vet wrap, which he does wear through in a few days... but so far the elasticon the vets wrapped it with (and presumably the casting material underneath) are still in good shape. I was getting a little worried about his refusal to lay down in his stall (because he lays down CONSTANTLY when he's in turnout), but this week I've caught him napping more than once, so I feel better. I'm also getting him out to handgraze (which the vets signed off on) and he seems to enjoy that. He's been off bute for almost a week and while he is obviously still cautious on that foot, he's not *lame* lame. I've got him up to wearing my BOT quick wraps all day. They probably don't do anything besides make ME feel better, but whatever works I guess! 

Sleepy pone. 

Grabbed some supplies at our local TSC for post-cast life. I'm not sure exactly what I'll need yet, but I figured this wouldn't hurt to have on hand. 

Also these have been in the clearance section for at least 8+ months and every time I saw them I thought "that's a good deal, too bad I don't need any hoof gel pads".... Joke's on me I guess! Thankfully now that I do probably need them, they were still there, lol. 

I also got him one of those Himalayan salt on a rope things which he immediately attacked with gusto. 

Menards had some LED shop lights on a stupid good sale, and I had rebate money (when do I NOT have rebate money for Menards lol). So we hung two in the aisle for better light there for grooming/farrier work/the vets (since when they came out the day of the injury at dusk DH was fretting about there not being enough light in the barn). We still had two left so we hung one on each side of the aisle that covered both stalls. Here is a before photo of Cinna and Ruby's stalls, lit by just the 6 LED aisle lights we've had for years. . 

And after. The additional lights made a really big difference!

The weather was unseasonably beautiful yesterday, so the minute the clock rolled over to 4 I logged out of work and made a beeline for the barn. 

Jack came over to say hi while I was grooming Ruby in the cross ties. 

Ruby was significantly less enthused about our matchy matchy than I was. The new teal Kastel is actually a decent match for Mattes Petrol/Le Mieux Peacock. I never thought I'd find something that was reasonably close, since even the LM base layer in peacock doesn't friggin' match! 

We had a productive arena ride, and she worked up a bit of a sweat. 

So we hacked out on a trail loop to cool off. 

What kind of bird is that? lol

I love watching the sun set from between the ears. 

"I'm a good girl, can haz cookiez?"

After our ride, it was still relatively warm, so I HOSED HER OFF. OUTSIDE. IN DECEMBER. 

Then she got to hang out in the aisle in a cooler to dry while I did chores. 

Ah yes, still need to clean my mirrors lol. 

I don't think it's going to get *quite* as warm today, but I'm hoping to get Cinna out. May even force her to suffer through a good hosing if it's anything like last night! Hopefully you have also gotten to experience some lovely, unseasonably warm December weather! :)


  1. So jealous! It's been freezing here! (Literally. 20's and low 30's).
    Sounds like things are going well! I hope Trigger has a good recheck!

    1. I think our temps this weekend will be back to more like yours (you know, since it IS December). Brrrrrr.

  2. Please send the warmth back to the south where it belongs! It's been so cold here for this time of year ugh.

    So glad Trigger is doing well! Leave it to horses to figure out how to try to kill themselves on literally nothing that we could have ever guessed.

    1. You got your wish, we're back to cold and rainy today so hopefully the warmth is heading your way, lol.

  3. We are technically a La Nina year which means cold but dry in SoCal, which ugh cold, but also ugh we need rain!

    1. I think we might have different definitions of "cold" ;) haha. But I do hope you get some much-needed rain soon!

  4. It's nice how warm it's been the last few days! No gross blankets!