Monday, November 13, 2023

Trail Adventures: Cuivre River

My long weekend was gloriously full of horses! So much to write about 😁 we'll start with Friday. It was a state holiday, so another friend who works for the government and I decided we wanted to trail ride. It was also opening weekend of deer season, so we needed somewhere that didn't allow hunting. We decided on Cuivre River - her horse is shod, and I recently acquired rear hoof boots for Ruby, so I wanted to try them out (she wears Trigger's in the front, since he is quasi-retired). 

It was a lovely day.

And although we missed peak colors, Cuivre River was still gorgeous!

Cuivre River is actually quite close to Indian Camp Creek, so the drive wasn't too terrible. There were two large equestrian parking lots (they offer both electric and primitive camping spots), and despite many horse people.... Not knowing how to park (🤣), I arrived within minutes of my friend, found a relatively open spot, and we got tacked up. 

My friend was far more prepared than me, and had already printed a map and sketched out an approximate route - I love when that's not my job lol. We started off on the first 7 mile loop. There were sections I think my horses could manage barefoot, but they were interspersed with very rocky sections, so I definitely wouldn't attempt without shoes or boots.....which is a bummer, because mine are generally barefoot and hoof boots are 🤑 oh well. I'll keep trying to pick them up a pair at a time as finances allow. 

On the buckle the whole ride - bestbaymare™️

When we got to the turn for the second loop, both horses were still fresh and my friend asked if I wanted to add it - I didn't have a schedule for the day so I said heck yes! We thought both loops would be around 13 miles total, but it ended up being more like 11+. I think there were a few smaller spurs we could have added to get to the full 13, but it was plenty of riding. Particularly for someone who hasn't done that many trail miles this year 🤣

The entire trail was wooded, but there were different sections of woods - if that makes sense? We had fun identifying the vibes from each section. Like the section that was "swamp witch leaving breadcrumbs out to lure small children into our cauldron" lol 

We had to use the gravel briefly to connect the trails

Frenchman's Bluff - I wish photos could adequately capture the depth! This was a TALLLLLL bluff.

And the trail ran... Uncomfortably close at times lol

Hoof boots held up great! 

I was definitely a bit stiff when I got off (and the next day haha), but it was a great day to explore a new to me trail with good company! 


  1. That sounds like a perfect day.

    1. It really was! I'm glad the weather cooperated and that both of us had wide open schedules

  2. Sounds like a beautiful way to spend a day off!