Thursday, November 16, 2023

While the Weather Holds

We're having an unseasonably warm November (minus that weekend I froze at the obstacle clinic lol) and it's not going to last, but I'm trying to make the most of it while it does! 

One night I took Emmy out on the trails via headlamp. Probably not my smartest idea, but she was perfect. Natch. 

Another night a friend came over and rode Emmy while I rode Ruby. 

She's either really, really good, or sort of a fire-breathing dragon, not much in between. 

I don't mind the fire-breathing dragon though, it's funny 🤣

A few nights I've been able to get them both worked - Emmy in a bareback pad/bands on a quick trail walk... 

We're losing the light so fast 😭

And then Ruby afterwards completely under the lights... Sigh. 

My mom came out and rode Emmy. She was worried about riding her bareback, but ended up merrily cantering around. 

While this one at least didn't scare anybody and worked on SI/HI and cantered politely NOT like a freight train. Good girl. 

The weather looks okay through the weekend and I'd love to haul out, buuuuuut unfortunately the truck is "in the shop" (I mean it's here, DH *is* the shop lol), and he's not sure when it'll be cleared to pull the trailer again, so it might be a quiet couple of weekends! 

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