Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Well THAT Escalated Quickly

Saturday was the 3rd annual tack sale at a local facility a few miles away (same place I attended the obstacle clinic a few weeks ago). It's always fun to get together with the local equestrian community, and I have scored some killer deals there! This year, I also got my own table to try to unload some of my extra stuff. I have been relentlessly culling breeches, and I had a plethora of other stuff I just never used. 

My table lol

My goal is always to break even - if I sell anything I generally immediately use that money to buy something else, but I was aiming to not be in the hole at the end of it.... I..... Failed miserably 🤣 but in fairness, I got some ridiculously great deals and I did need almost all of the things I bought. Almost 🙈

I've been needing a few more dressage girths in various shapes and sizes, so I lucked out and picked up three very reasonably! (I paid $5 combined for the two on the left lol)

I noticed when I took Ruby out trail riding this summer that I wasn't loving the way her western saddle was fitting any more - she had significantly muscled up and the generic flat fluffy pad I was using didn't seem to provide enough structure. Enter a nice work pad with wither relief. Even if this doesn't do what I want, it'll be easy to resell as it's brand new and a good brand. 

Okay so I didn't really *need* these but the eggbutt is a Lorenzini and I've been casually keeping an eye out for one of these old school b-ring bauchers and I got a deal by purchasing together so yolo lol. 

I currently own two nice shimmable half pads but I hate trying to clean them up for shows, so was already casually thinking about getting some for schooling so I can keep my other ones nicer. Enter three Mattes half pads for $55 total. Top is brand new, middle is very much in schooling only condition (lol) and the bottom one is sort of in the middle. The funniest thing about this is that the black one was still in its original Mattes bag and had a full set of shims with it but...it's not shimmable? Seriously 10+ of us looked at it and tried to figure out how you could get shims in it but it does NOT have openings 🤣 oh well, I have other pads I can use the shims in lol. 

BNWT Kerrits coat - $20 🥳

Roeckl gloves (yay for buying used so I don't have to support a shitty company lol), F bomb socks (have you ever seen anything more perfect for me), and a navy ES bonnet, since I'm gradually incorporating more... Classic color schemes into my life 🤣

Okay so we all know I have a saddle pad problem but I paid $25 total for this cream Fenwick titanium pad and a BOT/Thinline combo. How could I NOT buy these? 

Subtly sparkly and black? Yes please! 

Does it actually count as more conservative if it's glitter? 🤣 I am still SO BITTER that ME refuses to make these in fun colors like teal. Sob. 

Alright this was completely and utterly unnecessary but as I'm looking down the road at showing Emmy next year, how frickin' good will this look on her?!

Yeah okay this is into deeply unnecessary territory but I stopped caring at this point 🤣

Another BNWT Kerrits coat for $20. I can never have too many coats! 

Not pictured (because they aren't as fun lol), some small stable supplies like a bot knife, sweat scrapers, alushield, clipper lubricant, fly spray, etc that someone didn't want to pack up so they just unloaded on me. A fleece jacket from the SRS (🥰), a saddle pad rack identical to the two I already have so I can hang more pads (I have a problem), an insulated bucket holder that matches my existing ones so now all of my occupied stalls have one, and two more, and two more hay feeders in the style I like - I'm not currently using mine (for a variety of reasons) but I do still like them and I believe the company has gone out of business so when I saw these at the sale cheap, I snapped them up. 

Before the sale, a friend let me browse the clothes she had available and I made out like a bandit with several nice riding vests. She also sent me home with two flexible filly grazing muzzles and some shooflys, which will definitely get lots of use next summer!

And I still need to pay her for Emmy's "new" bridle, a lovely Schockemole 🤩

Overall a productive, but expensive, day 🤣 I ended up donating half the athletic polos and lower end breeches to a lesson program, so I just have a handful of nicer ones still to sell. Maybe if I get that done, I will actually break even on the day haha.


  1. LOLOL you made out like a bandit!

    1. I really did, even though I spent more than I intended lol

  2. Those are some amazing deals! I started reading thinking "I should sell stuff too, so glad I don't need anything" but then I as I read along, I would have also bought pretty much everything you did lol

    1. Haha I never *need* anything but clearly that doesn't stop me from shopping 🤣 glad to know those deals were universally enticing!

  3. I think you did great. If you want to rehome the Baucher let me know. 😁

    1. Earlier this year there was an asinine rule limiting the length of the baucher cheek and these were about the only legal ones in the US - they changed the rule back I think but I'll probably hold on to it in case the powers that be lose their minds again 🤣

  4. Replies
    1. It really was! Plus I had great company the whole day as well!

  5. This was very fun to read! I love shopping vicariously through others!
    That's funny about the Mattes pad. Someone must have just shoved them in there because I've bought shimmable Mattes pads and the shims usually are outside the bag. Which is equally silly.

    1. Dunno who did it but thank you to them for the score 🤣