Tack Shed Renovation

Turning my shed from a utilitarian storage shed to my dream tack shed (a Taj MahTeal, if you will), was quite the process! I gathered the links in order, just for ease of finding them again in the future.
Some photos of before, during, and the after!
Initial construction in 2015.
Filling up with the antique furniture my tack shared a home with for 4+ years. 
Moving saddles in 
A 2020 exterior shot -- I used to have cute little bushes out front but the goats ate them. Oops!
The piano -- the other motivator for building this shed. It's been in my family since it was purchased new in the 1930s. The soundboard is shot, so my plan is to turn it into a bookcase someday. For now, its hanging out in the back of the shed. 
An idea of how crowded and messy it was for quite a while. 
So. Much. Clutter. 
Vaulting the ceiling.
Emptying it out so we could work on the renovation. 
Laying the vinyl plank floor. 
Made a HUGE difference! And its so durable. 
Adding more insulation before paneling the walls. 
This antique buffet sustained regrettable water damage when one corner developed a leak (that has since been fixed). 
Paneling the walls. 
My favorite part - teal medallion and industrial chandelier. 
Creating some artwork for the walls. 
Maybe too much artwork, whoops!
Installing the floor trim. 
And the wall trim.
Hanging a curtain rod so I can get thermal curtains (someday)
Shelf over the door. 
First bridle rack
Second (smaller) bridle rack
At capacity haha. 
Bits hung on s-hooks on a curtain rod, and girths. 
Helmet hangers
DIY saddle racks so supplement my freestanding saddle racks and better utilize vertical space instead of valuable floor space. 
Stained and ready to hang!
Well, first let's cushion them with teal pool noodles. 
More shots of the saddle corner because it's my favorite
Bought a small cubby for some storage - it's awkwardly tucked behind the buffet for now, but still accessible. 
Starting to fill it up to organize the last of the tack shed stuff that was living in my spare room for like 90 days lol. 
Still need a better way to store horse boots than in bags in the cubbies, but it's a start.
I filled the bandage racks thinking it might motivate me to hang them. Hasn't worked yet, but soon. 
That plastic drawer set needs to go somewhere else as well, but for now it's tucked under the saddle pads. 
The whips also still need to be hung. 
All the miscellaneous racks to be hung are cluttering up the photo a bit, but we're getting there! Slowly but surely. 

Staining the last group of boards

Tack cleaning hook!

The last of the bridle hooks... probably for my show halters. Except I don't know where I'm going to hang this haha. 

More girth hooks, the board for my boot rack (bottom middle), and a basket with some hooks!

Comfortably holds my gloves, Horse Holsters, bluetooth speaker, Pivo tripod, etc. 

Bandage racks hung and filled!

Whip rack tucked behind the saddle pads. 

Boot rack holder up!

Only one nail destroyed. Go me!

TRONES! I didn't think they was going to happen -- I'm not anywhere near an Ikea and their shipping is exorbitant. BUT a good friend was on a shopping trip and nabbed some for me. I was beside myself with excitement. 

They fit perfectly under my bridles. What a happy accident!

Harness hooks are great to hang surcingles on!

Show halters/Spanish halters/nice leather halters for fancy occasions get their own hook separate from my bridle wall. 

Video tour!

I have a little more artwork to hang and another curtain rod I thought might work for more bonnets and browbands, but I am currently a little out of wall space until I get the piano/antique buffet out of the back :) so for now, this is about as done as it's going to get!

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