Monday, November 15, 2021

Trail Adventures: Three Creeks Conservation Area

In the week prior to Veterans Day, I had been eagerly watching the weather. Between the show, lessons, and other weekend obligations, we haven't been out on the trails nearly as much this fall as I like! I was hoping that having a mid-week state holiday would give us a chance to get out on the trails when they weren't too crowded, but the forecast looked relatively dismal. Finally, the day before, I checked the forecast one last time and they had finally taken most of the rain out of the forecast, and it looked like it might be decent! DH had some stuff he wanted to accomplish around the property first, so we got up and got to work first thing in the morning so we could take the afternoon off guilt-free! While he chopped firewood with the neighbor, I did a billion loads of laundry, drained the hot tub, scrubbed the shit out of it, refilled it, and took care of the rest of the farm chores. All of those things ate up most of the morning, so by the time we got the trailer hooked up and with how dark it gets so early now, we wanted to stay close to home. We headed up to Three Creeks Conservation Area, about 50 minutes away (close is so relative for us lol). 

I think we missed the best autumn colors, but it was still a nice day, with temps hovering around 60 degrees and periods of gorgeous sunshine. It was a bit windy, but parts of the trail were down in a valley, which made it feel much warmer!

Does it get any better than this? It does not. 

J/K it did get better briefly, since DH was driving I remembered to bring along an adult beverage. Except it made my hands really cold, because I didn't bring a coozie lol. 

Up and down some pretty rocky sections. Trigger appreciated his boots!

Ruby made very good use of her "snackamore", and got to munch plenty of grass while we waited for Trigger to catch up with us. 

Playing in a creek crossing. 

I so love her perpetually happy trail ears. She really loves being out. 


We rode from one trailhead parking lot to another and back, nothing strenuous. I feel like every time we come here we end up parking in a different lot, but we're starting to get a little more familiar with the trails, and I think next time I know which way to turn to make a loop!


  1. Nothing better than a mid-week escape! Autumn colors make me so happy, especially when framed by some ears ;)

  2. So beautiful! I have a hard time balancing the trail fun with lessons and shows too. If only we didn't have to work there would be plenty of time for all of it!!

    1. I know, right? Why can't I be a stay at home dog mom with unlimited dollars to spend playing with ponies! 🤣

  3. I love that you have a live in trail partner

    1. It's pretty convenient! Except for the times he gripes about it 🤣