Wednesday, August 8, 2018

WW: Views

Sadly not back for real (yet), but I was jonesin' too much to stay away from blogland for another day! Part of the reason for my recent silence is a new job -- hooray! But it means my five-year routine has been turned upside down as I try to navigate a new commute and new workplace and new coworkers. Plus you know, the tiny matter of a completely new set of duties and expectations? It's compounded by the fact that my new office is literally a BLACK HOLE with no cell phone service -- literally how is that possible, its friggin' 2018! Anyway. The horses are great. I'm good. Lots to talk about, just no energy to add the blogging plate back into the juggling act for a little while longer. 
So enjoy this view from someone's office window (tragically not mine, haha, but I loved it and wanted to share). Hopefully soon things will level out and I'll have lots to catch you up on!