Wednesday, September 25, 2019

WW: Work Weekend Part 2

All work and no riding makes Leah a very dull (and grumpy) girl! But sometimes sacrifices must be made, alas. And it is truly fulfilling to watch the pieces of the house come together after so many years of planning and dreaming and saving. So here's a summation of work since my last post (which I guess was only last week, but we're getting a lot done!).
More doors last weekend.... But it was the final six-panel, hooray!

Flooring the kitchen, because our appliances were arriving far sooner than we thought (which is a good thing, just accelerated our kitchen timeline a bit)

Installing the toe kick under the cabinets. Some of these little things seem so insignificant but they make things look so much more "finished".

Installing trim in the guest bedroom

Hanging the utility room door

Installed the faucet for real

Staining door trim

Installing said door trim

Guest bedroom door fully trimmed! 

A few weeks accumulation of cardboard 

I found the perfect tiny pine 90s to stain to "finish" the backsplash

Flooring the master

Staining the master bathroom slider

Cute Mason jar dish soap and sponge holder!

Enough floor left over to do my tack shed and probably my horse trailer dressing room! 😁

Flooring the dining room

Finally done with flooring, lol

Hung the bathroom slider 

From inside the bathroom

Backer for under the breakfast bar

Bunch of tiny trim pieces to make the kitchen look more finished (where the toe kick meets, edge of the breakfast bar, around the backsplash, etc.)

Starting to look like a real kitchen! 

Monday my mom came over to grout the backsplash....

While I kept staining trim.... DH left notes for me on the back of boards where they were going, lol. 

Fedex arrived with our appliances!

Which was a total letdown because 3/4 of them were damaged in transit.... *Womp womp* no big though, I got ahold of the company right away and they're shipping out new ones. And in a funny twist, the only one that made the trip unscathed was the dishwasher, which happened to be the only appliance we don't currently have! I was planning on selling our current fridge/stove/microwave once we completed the new house, so they can keep doing their respective jobs in the interim while we wait for replacements for the damaged ones 🤷‍♀️

The extent of me doing anything with the dishwasher was just making sure it fit in the hole. It does, huzzah!

Checking out my housewarming gift of teal pots and pans in front of the finished backsplash on this wall 😍

Mason jar cannisters - I knowwwww the urge to nest is SO STRONG. I just want to move everything in RIGHT THIS SECOND 😅

Master bedroom is fully trimmed

So is the living room

Other side of the living room

Back slider is trimmed
Dining room is mostly trimmed - missing two small pieces, and then 2/3 of the utility room needs to be completed then I'll be DONE WITH TRIM. 
The tank that will be connected to our sewer pump that will run to our actual septic tank... This is the last big contractor piece that is keeping us from moving in - can't finish the plumbing until the water has somewhere to GO so hopefully they get this done this week! 

My life is currently a neverending cycle of stain, grout, rinse, repeat 😴

But I'm SO PLEASED with how this turned out 🤗🤗🤗
Hopefully we'll start slowly moving furniture in this weekend while we also make progress on those finishing touches! Full move in for us will be dependent on both appliances (ha) and getting a fence up for the dogs.... But I do feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm reasonably certain that it's not a train!! 😉😂

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

WW: Work Weekend

Last weekend we planned to knock out some of the bigger projects..... Most of the photos are from that, although some are from random evening work sessions :)
Installing the track for the first slider (closet in the living room)

My uncle keeps needling me that it looks like DH is doing all the work. So I made my mom take a photo of me helping ;)

Countertops leveled and installed

Brief break from house posts to bring you one of my husband's random impulse acquisitions......

Master vanity finally arrived

We still need to glue the sinks on the vases but we set it in the bathroom to get a feel for it

The rest of the flooring had to be moved and the thought of bringing it out how I brought it in (around the awkward turn from the front door down the hallway) sounded AWFUL so we opened the window and I handed it out for DH to stack in the truck bed. SO MUCH EASIER

DH has been talking about these barstools since we first started putting together the bids back in January, so I bought them

Gravel for the final sewer work (which will hopefully happen this week or next 🤞)

Gravel to fix our driveway, which desperately needs some TLC after all the big trucks driving up and down it all summer (neighbors new construction in the background)

Another day, another door

Big project for last weekend - backsplash!

While my mom and I did that, DH worked on the guest bedroom floor

My mom was super involved in her job as tile master haha

Longest stretch of floor! DH was very proud of himself that he made it through all the doorways with no transitions - the only transition we'll have is going into the utility room, since we're leaving that floor concrete

Master closet door installed!

I really hate staining doors, have I mentioned that?

The tile master showing off her work

All the doors on that side done and trimmed! 

Also got the first toilet installed

Master bath trim installed
Hanging the guest bedroom door

We got it hung and then were too exhausted to trim it haha
It was a super productive weekend and we're almost to the home stretch! I need to grout the backsplash, stain and hang three more glass panel doors and one 6-panel, DH needs to floor half the master bedroom, the kitchen and the dining room, and then we need to finish the trim. Oh and hook up the plumbing 🙈 but we're probably about a solid weekend an a few evenings of work away from being move-in ready! Now we just have to find time and motivation to, you know all that work, lol.