Wednesday, November 27, 2019

WW: Finding a New Normal

Now that the house is done and we're acclimating to life without a million ongoing construction projects, I'm sliding back into a new routine with the horses. My new job means I get home a little earlier (God bless) so if I hustle I can squeeze in a short ride before DH gets home and then still spend the evenings with him. Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate, but when it does....
Rode the baby horse last week for the first time in 6+ months

No interest in dying so I tossed her out on the lunge first.

But she was perfect!

And then she snuggled with DH

Ruby was up the next night

Also thought a lunge would be a good idea before I attempted a "real" ride

Also perfect

Working on her sideeye game haha

We liked our mudroom camera (for the dogs) and external security cameras so much I bought more for the barn

DH did chores one night and I didn't check his work. Probably should have, because this is what I found when I opened the door 🤣

"Who, me? No I'm not bad. I even tried to poop IN the wheelbarrow for you!"

Luckily there was nothing for her to get in to so after visiting all her friends and pooping in the aisle she went back to her stall to eat hay lol. 

Got the barn cameras up!

Now I can stalk them from the house. Or from work (when I switch to night turnout in the summer). Pretty cool!

They spend so much time sacked out sleeping 🤣

Rode Cinna again this week and she really wanted to be friends with the goats.

I got right on without lunging and she was excellent - even had some super canter transitions!

This one was an absolute mudball last night

She warmed up great and then found a WHOLE NEW GEAR of trot that felt so fancy.

But then she decided cantering nicely was totally optional and she'd rather porpoise around like a lunatic 🤦‍♀️ horses.
So that's where we're at! Riding all winter in the Midwest without an indoor is hit or miss -- my footing is holding up great (FB memories reminded me a few years ago my arena is FOUR YEARS OLD already! 😱) so as long as it's not stupid cold/windy or stupid icy, we'll just keep on keeping on! Once we have a better baseline of fitness (aka being able to ride for longer than 30 minutes without being huffing and sweaty 🤣) I'll try to resume lessons so we can be ready for 2020!