Thursday, December 8, 2022

December Blahs

Blergh I am mired deeply in the December blahs, despite the fact that I actually am fitting in some dressage schools in prep for resuming regular lessons (BARN OPEN HOUSE IS TODAY WHEEEEEEE and they're moving in horses this weekend, so hopefully I can get back to lessons the weekend after!). Work stuff is sort of manic / up in the air (some interesting but definitely not concrete opportunities might be happening and I also got accepted into my state's very prestigious leadership academy/awarded a stipend for professional development), so that's taking up a lot of bandwidth, as is prepping for the holidays (aka helping DH distill the moonshine we give away for Christmas lol). At any rate. Ruby and I are getting back in a groove. Cinna is currently fat as a tick and living unblanketed trying to burn some calories until I have time to add her back into my riding rotation 🙈 it's the time of year where weekend rides can happen in daylight but weekday rides start around sunset and end in the full dark, and I am counting down days until the solstice. Sigh. At least I have lights!

Ruby is a dust monster 

New phone camera is 👌👌👌

DH got a tire machine and installing it in the garage kicked the treadmill out, so we squished it in the laundry room with a TV and #sweatflix is gonna be a thing this winter, I've already used it more this week than in the last month haha. Trying to get that ankle weight back off! Still down probably 15 lbs over where I was this time last year but I want to get back to the 25 lbs down so my beautiful teal boots zip up easily 🙃

Also splurged on some new camera equipment with the long term goal of hopefully having it help offset my show expenses - it's like they say, without kids, your 30s are like your 20s but with money ðŸĪŠ (and back pain ðŸĪĢ)

Anyway. I hope the holidays are treating you well and I'm trying to get my new phone to play nice with Google/blogger again so I can comment on blogs!