Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Horse Trailer Conversion - Ceiling!

DH cussed me the whole weekend, but we did get most of the ceiling up! Of course, I'm three tiles short so we're waiting for those to come in - until they make it in, we can't start the paneling, blergh. But we also got some wiring in so the weekend wasn't a waste! 

I hung a chandelier in my tack shed, you knew I was gonna do some bougie bitch shit in here lol. 

So everyone in the horse trailer conversion group I follow said they put these up with staples - we started with that but kept shattering tiles 🫣 so, the first two look like garbage but I'm the only one who will see them. 

A combination of adhesive and a hand stapler seemed to do the trick, although we did put holes in a few more. Le sigh. But oh well. It doesn't have to be perfect, I'm the only who one who is gonna be sleeping in there anyway lol. 

I spent some time crashed out on the gooseneck floor looking out the windows 

Beautiful fall weekend. 

We also built a hay dolly lol. So I can move 800+ lb bales around alone. 

Lights installed. 

And a light switch! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

WW: More Horse Trailer Conversion Progress

I forget how busy life on a farm keeps you until I have a project I'm excited about that just draaaaags on 🤣 incremental progress in the trailer over the weekend!

Cut furring strips. Rinse. Repeat. Forever.

The part that scared me - screwing them in 😬

Drilling a hole through the bulkhead to run wiring

A little wiring run, ceiling and gooseneck furring strips up, so just some more on the short wall, the slant wall, and the door wall (which is so short it'll probably just take scraps lol)

Buuuut we ran out of screws so this is where we quit for the weekend. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Trail Adventures: ICC

Man it's been such a good fall for trail riding!! Yesterday was a state holiday, but since most of my friends were working, it seemed like a good chance to do a small ride with a friend at Indian Camp Creek. DH is still in Florida so we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and had a ride and then lunch. I'm proud of myself that I gave her an estimated itinerary for the time (so she could have someone let her dog out) and I was pretty bang on for the times - we left about when I planned and despite me not building in time to stop for gas (whoops), we still got back to my house only 9 minutes after I told her we would - success! 

While I was waiting for her the golden oldies and I soaked up a little sun 

It was 80 and sunny and we ran into sooooooo many other people, including two other groups of riders! 

The leaves are getting pretty 🍁🍂

Some deer we saw hanging out

Ruby had concerns lol

Playing in the water


This friend is always so fun to take riding because she always brings a delicious lunch! I didn't have chairs so we just crashed on the grass and ate sandwiches and cookies and just had an absolutely delightful day. Hopefully she'll be able to join us on some of the bigger rides! 

Monday, October 10, 2022

Trail Adventures: Three Creeks

I know the blog hasn't been much but trail riding photo dumps lately, but here's another ones for the books lol. One of my most frequent trail riding buddies had a Facebook acquaintance reach out to her after seeing how much fun we've been having, asking if she could join us on one of our adventures. She didn't have a horse she could bring, but we worked out a date where Trigger was free, and off we went!

I borrowed my mom's trailer for the weekend because this trail was in the opposite direction of being able to bum a ride from a friend lol. 

These hooligans tried to act like a straight load trailer was a murder box, despite the fact that they rode in one last week and also they used to haul in this trailer frequently!

We couldn't have asked for better weather - crisp in the morning but warming up, and riding in the few sunny spots was DELIGHTFUL 

It's technically archery season for deer - presumably if you're close enough to shoot a deer with a bow you can differentiate between a deer and a horse, but we wore orange anyway. 

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers ♥️🍁🍂

There's a photo of me in the cave too but Blogger stopped acknowledging any photos other than what's directly on my camera roll and frankly I'm too tired to fuck with it 😖

We did a lovely 1.5 hour ride, and our new acquaintance seemed to really enjoy herself! Sounds like she has a great property with some trails, so perhaps next time we'll go out to see her!