Wednesday, September 26, 2018

WW: Finding Routine

Slowly but surely finding my way to a new routine with my changed work hours and commute :)
Don't let her face fool you, she was quite good!
As was this one -- dare I say it? I think she's finally growing up!
We had a great ride last night and were able to have some "conversations" about contact at the trot last night that had her softly reaching down and maintaining it for a few strides before we had baby bobbles. I was so happy with her!
She was so excited that her post-ride hose off made it easier for her to grind dirt into her coat lol.
Unrelated sunset photo. 
Earlier this month.
More unrelated sky photos. 

Because I know you missed the goats too!
Hoping I will continue to maintain this balance and maybe even squeak out some time to blog regularly again soon :)