Monday, September 25, 2023


Ugh so I desperately miss blogging - for the last few years work and life has kept me so busy that I primarily blog from my cell phone, which is clearly less than ideal. But now it's impossible. 

I started getting this error a while back and was able to limp along on the handful of times I was on a computer. Today I actually expended a little effort and still couldn't make it work. 

So. I have lessons and trail rides and chiropractor appointments and new tack and LOTS OF FUN STUFF that apparently I can't tell you about. DH picked me up a new Chromebook while I was Canada so once I have a chance to get it set up maybe I can haul it to work occasionally and blog on my lunch hour, but I am FRUSTRATED. Anyway. Still alive. Just can't share except on social media apparently. 

Monday, September 11, 2023

When the girl's trip makes it out of the group chat....take the photos!

If we're friends on social media, you probably saw that I spent the last week in Canada - I'm flying home today 😭

After spending #magicalponyclubweekend in Reno with two of my favorite bloggers, we had a #magicalponyclubweekend2.0 this last April that I didn't really end up blogging about because I suck lol. Suffice to say, we went on lots of adventures with the dramatic Spanish mares and had fun, then went to not-Rolex and had even MORE fun! 

We decided it was time to do it again - but in Canada! While we were there, Renate surprised us with a #weirdinternetfriends photoshoot and the results are just so ridiculously wonderful I couldn't help but share! Since this blog is the whole reason I met these two wonderful ladies, it seemed fitting ♥️

We took serious photos

We took some silly photos 

Lots of laughter 

And even more goofing off 

So much silliness
(T and Lurch were not injured in the taking of this photo, promise, haha)

Naturally the horses and dogs wanted to be involved 

Very involved. Peep my buddy Tripp the tiny yak and his adorable ears! 

The photographer asked us to tell her our funniest moment as friends and it had literally happened that morning 🤣

This was the sneak peek she posted a few days after the shoot and we were IMMEDIATELY OBSESSED 

Without any coordination on our part, we all wore Free Ride Equestrian breeches 🤣 they should sponsor us lolol. Or any of the country boot makers lol.

I cannot overstate how beautiful Renate's place is! She has this lovely mural on the side of her barn which made for a stunning backdrop 

Of all the weird things I've found on the internet, these ladies are some of my favorite ♥️

All photos by Wispy Wings Photography -