Wednesday, December 19, 2018

WW: When Tech Cooperates.....

Still too busy for lengthy entries, but I did have a great lesson Sunday! 
And the Equisense continues to be awesome. 
Low-quality screenshot of a high-quality horse <3 love her. 
I had 70+ minutes of video and only a few minutes to attempt to grab screenshots, so sorry they're both tracking the same way lol. 
Cinna continues to think our rides are a chance to practice her Spanish Riding School audition moves. 
But she's so danged cute!
This one is less cute..... 
I think I spent more time brushing mud off her than I spent riding... haha. 
I'm actually surprised how most of my rides are (relatively) even -- I think when I was using the Equilab it dinged me a lot for being more 70-30 split. So either I'm doing a better job mentally of riding both ways, or the Equilab just wasn't that great at tracking. Who knows!
We briefly enjoyed a bit of a "heat wave" (multiple days in the 50s, whooo!), so I feel like I've been relatively productive with the horses.  And the Pixio has worked TWO TIMES IN A ROW GUYS!!!! It makes me so happy when all my toys play nicely and I end up with all this data and media (that TBH I have no time to deal with but like... I have it? haha).

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WW: Equisense

Thankfully, the equisense is proving much easier for me to use than the Pixio.... 🤣
First ride with Ruby, at the indoor down the road. Long side wasn't long enough to grade symmetry, and we didn't work hard. Also I didn't have all the updates installed yet so it missed like 10 more minutes of walking lol.
Last night with Cinna -- the "jumps" recorded were some fairly expressive airs above ground. #dramaticSpanishmare 

Too wild in hand to get a symmetry score on the lunge line but apparently trotting under saddle went better haha
Shes a good egg, despite the occasional theatrics.
I'm at that period in winter where bad weather has me annoyed and I'm grumpy about the lack of an indoor... But it's just not something I can make work right now so we'll just keep on keeping on when the weather cooperates!

Also, happy 9 years of marriage to DH ♥️