Monday, August 28, 2023

Still Alive....ish

Ughhhh yes I am alive. Things are ticking along with the horses and I am completely chaotically overwhelmed (in a mostly good way?) at work. I am sneaking in lessons when I can, lots of hacking on the trails, and then everyone was off most of last week because.....
Fucking WHY

It is patently unfair that we have "feels like 144" in the same state that we get thundersnow/2' of snow/-50 windchills 🥴 I'll take real winter or real summer please, but NOT BOTH. Jack really struggled towards the end of the week, and his anhydrosis flared up for the first time in like 6 years. I think we're over the worst of it, but he's going back on SweatAgain and we're keeping a close eye on him. 

Penny photo because I can 

Also broke down and replaced this helmet which was.... Probably 6 years old 🙈

Anyway. The heat finally broke over the weekend. And thank god! Snuck in a lesson yesterday, I have my biggest week of the year at work this week, and then Saturday I am taking off on a long overdue vacation 🥳 DH will be holding down the fort while adjusting to starting a new job on Friday, lol. Our timing is always... Impeccable?