Friday, April 1, 2022

Pre-Show Rides

Trying to get all caught up before I leave for the show TODAY so here is a quick recap of all my rides between last Friday's lesson/chiro and today! :)

Saturday was suuuuuper windy and I was also not terribly motivated, but I did get Ruby out and toss her on the lunge line to stretch her legs. She looked really, really comfortable both directions! I took a bunch of video but I was too lazy to upload them to YouTube and trying to insert them directly in Blogger does dumb things, so whatever. 

Supremely over my bullshit. 

Sunday we had a family event in the afternoon so I knew I needed to get cracking early in the morning to get everything done. What I didn't anticipate is that it would be THIRTY TWO DEGREES at 9 am when I was starting my rides.... brrrrr! I had to dig my winter breeches and gloves back out and I was NOT AMUSED. I started with Cinna and finally got a chance to try out the new girth I picked up for her endurance saddle (see photo below, Blogger is being infuriating about putting photos where I want them and I am too tired to fight with it). She wasn't as relaxed as she has been the last few rides (not that I blame her, it was windy and miserable), but she still settled in and gave me some good work. The endurance saddle/half a dressage bridle still seems to be working for her, so we'll keep going in it I guess. 

I was a little apprehensive tacking Ruby up - she had looked good on the lunge line the day before, but I like to overthink and obsess over things so naturally I assumed when I got on things would still be bad to the right lol. Luckily, that was not the case! I HAD MY HORSE BACK! Not that things were perfect, we're SO not perfect, but she was willing to work and try and wasn't displaying any of the resistant behaviors that had tipped us off to the issues. 

This video isn't great because I'm not coordinated but I sent it to TrainerB and my chiro and said "MY HORSE IS FIXED YAY". The chiro was so excited she shared my message on her own page <3 <3 <3

New girth for Cinna's endurance saddle!

I kept things pretty short and sweet because I didn't want to overdo it - always nice to be able to end on a good note and shove her full of cookies and get off! Monday and Tuesday were similar (although I didn't take any photos Monday apparently lol). Both days I texted some friends about how fucking excited I was to have amazing rides the week of the show and that I actually felt good about it (for a minute anyway lol). The canter was so lovely and controllable and our 15m circles were actually round! Definitely what I needed to end on to feel good about this weekend. 

Waiting for her allotment of cookies for being THE BEST GIRL. 

Scotchguarding all the whites happened this weekend too.

Had to do the breeches inside while it was raining outside and probably inhaled too much scotchguard haha. 
It rained and was cold and gross Wednesday and Thursday which seemed like a perfect time to focus on packing and getting everything else ready - I'm type A so of course I made a fairly ridiculous checklist and worked my way through it lol. I am going to TRY to leave most of it in the trailer so my crazy isn't on full display at my first show with the my trainer and her barn :-P but it will give me peace of mind to know it's on the show grounds and available if I need it. I know that once I get through my first show and have a better idea of what to expect, I'll be so much more comfortable, it's just the newness of the experience that gives me anxiety right now. (I mean what DOESN'T give me anxiety these days haha)

Anyway. Wish me luck! Taking a half day and off to the venue this afternoon!


  1. I know you'll do great! Best of luck and have fun

  2. Good luck!!! You guys are going to be amazing!!!

  3. Late, but I hope it is going well!! Awesome to have those rides the week before. I need to borrow some of your type A, I have a pretty long list of things I forgot for the show today. Fortunately non of them essential, but a lot of convenience items.

  4. Yay! I'm looking forward to reading the recap since it's all happened by now! I'm so glad the chiro was helpful!