Wednesday, April 13, 2022

WW: Farm Life Glamour

Dammit Blogger we were on a roll! Backwards again, sigh. Oh well. In case you think owning your own farm is glamourous, I spent approximately 4 hours this weekend spreading manure (also getting both tractors stuck more than once HAHA).

Team work makes the dream work!

A new bird friend!

Woods walkies with the red bitches

Guard noodles at the general store

Making a diesel run Saturday 

First sunburn of the year, at 50 degrees wearing long sleeves lol. Wanted to haul out and ride but that morning DH had a metal shard removed from his cornea so the whole day sort of went to hell in a handbasket. 


  1. The glamourous life of a country estate, am I right?

    1. So glamorous. I am constantly spattered with mud and/or manure, stinking to high heaven 😂😂

  2. Yikes, hope DH feels better soon! I got a piece of a shaving stuck in mine once. But that seems more pleasant than a metal shard.

    1. He felt much better within 24 hours, so all's well that ends well 🙃 still no idea how he GOT the metal shard in his cornea 🙈