Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Trying the Turtle Top

Thursday while I was gone to the saddle fitting appointment, USPS tried to deliver my bit.... For some reason, the UK seller sent it requiring a signature, so I ended up having to run back up to our local post office Thursday afternoon to pick it up. 

I didn't get to use it Friday because we were out for a celebratory dinner -- DH got promoted to warden which is a HUGE DEAL. This month marked his 13th year with the department which possibly makes him their youngest warden/quickest promotion from CO1 to warden like....ever. I am stupid proud of him ♥️♥️♥️♥️

He bought me another clearance orchid to celebrate 🤣

Anyway, Friday before he got home from work I played musical bits/bridles (and photographed and listed the Custom, go me). I put the turtle top on my PS knockoff and moved the Verbindend to the other half of the paladin/nathe frankenbridle - it's the crownpiece the paladin came on with the Eponia noseband, lol. So Saturday I was ready to test it on the girls bright and early!

Whoops you can see I only knocked the mud off where the bridle sat lol. 

Ruby and I actually had trail ride plans that afternoon with some friends, but I figured a 20 minute dressage school wouldn't kill her 🤣 it was definitely interesting! She did some angry chomping to start out (since she's been pretty exclusively in the nathe for like 8 weeks) but over the course of the ride got better and better. I'm looking forward to seeing what TrainerB thinks next time we see her (whenever that is 😭).

Someone needs a fresh roach. 

I was feeling froggy so I decided to try Cinna in it too lol... Maybe not my best judgement call because she isn't in as regular work as Ruby, but hey, why not? I adjusted the cheek pieces for the bit but I sort of ignored the noseband so let's not look at that 🤣

After we got through the first 10 minutes of "oh my god everyone is out back on the grass without me and Ruby's gonna steal my man I CANNOT FUNCTION" she remembered she could in fact, function, and was actually quite soft in it. No snap decisions since she needs way more consistent work but if it works for her too and I have to buy a second one to keep one on each of their main bridles I will be so annoyed 🤣 although at least they're way cheaper in the UK than here, if I had to spend $230 twice I'd strangle my horses lol. At any rate, I think it's a good addition to my bit collection and I'm looking forward to seeing how they both go in it long term. 

Definitely wanted to strangle this one when she snapped my cross ties. Thankfully she was also hard tied (yay for my new washrack posts!) so she couldn't escape and gallivant. 

Poor ded cross ties. Oh well. They were on their very last legs anyway and ordering new ones was on my to-do list anyway, so I did that Sunday. 

"Wait I don't think two-a-days are part of my contractual obligations!" - Ruby, probably lol

Tune in tomorrow for some gorgeous photos from my trail adventure!


  1. I've been interested in the turtle top for Carmen too. Maybe I'll find one on my trip to Scotland later this year....

  2. Thank you, I'll share your kind words with him 😊