Monday, January 2, 2017

Back on the Wagon

Welp, as promised, December was pretty quiet on the blogging front. We got back from Puerto Rico on Christmas Eve, spent the weekend with family, and then spent two more days the following week back in St. Louis to bury my grandmother.
I spent my last two work days of the year frantically trying to catch up on projects, then the weekend was packed with more family time (celebrating my mom's birthday on NYE and another belated Christmas yesterday).
Today I'm off work (love state holidays) and playing catch up on a lot of fronts, blogging included! I did read everyone's posts for the month of December, and today I got back on the commenting (and posting) bandwagon.
I have some really fun Christmas presents to try out and post about, and am excited to get back in the saddle! I did sneak in a ride and spa day for Ruby the day after Christmas, and then another bareback ride on Friday.
Hopefully things will pick up and get interesting around here again! Thank you all for the kind comments both here and through other social media venues about my grandmother. It meant the world to me.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic holiday all around - looking forward to catching up!!

    1. I'm looking forward to riding again and getting back into some semblance of a routine! 😀

  2. Replies
    1. All three bottles of rum made it home unscathed 😋 although one is already empty 😂

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    1. You are the worst sort of enabler and also I love you 😍 haha.