Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Trail Ride Tuesday - Girls Day!

Now that things are finally looking up with Cici (fingers crossed!), I am finally able to get my life back into some semblance of normal. Although if you've been following along for any length of time, you know that even my "normal" isn't particularly.... normal.. haha. But I digress. 

She had another great weekend and we started another therapy - an Assisi Loop (PEMF therapy), which I bought after remembering Dom using one for Herbie, and also remembering Saiph talking about one. They were both kind enough to answer my questions about it, and my acu vet gave it a thumbs up as well. I got to watch/be a guinea pig in a PEMF demo for my GMO a few years ago, and it helped a sore thumb I had at the time, so even if it's just expensive placebo, it's nice to have on hand. I logged 9 treatments over the first weekend I had it so it's definitely getting used, lol. 

Saturday was a little ick in terms of weather, but when I checked the forecast, Sunday looked PERFECT. I asked DH if he wanted to haul out with me, but he had a car project that was going to take most of the day, and I was in no mood to waste the weather... so I texted a friend! Remember my favorite barn rat, who occasionally makes an appearance here? I texted her mom to see if they both wanted to go out with me :) I told her mom that Trigger was available, and it was no problem for me to stop at the barn to pick up her daughter's horse. Her daughter decided that her mom really deserved a girl's day and bowed out, so it ended up being just the two of us! It made it easy -- I just packed the trailer, tossed the horses on, met my friend at a convenient parking lot on the way to the trail, and off we went!

While we were tacking up, she told me she couldn't even remember the last time she rode. It made me feel like a bad friend for not offering sooner :( but previously she had run her own business and was frequently busy on the weekends - now that she works with DH, she has weekends off, so hopefully I can take her out again soon!

Ruby was like "come on you're tacking too slowly LETS GO" haha. I put her back in the sidepull and western saddle for this excursion, and, as always, she was perfect. 

Happy ears!

Awww her smile <3 makes my heart happy. I tossed Trigger's boots on again, but I think that's just me being overprotective, he was fine. Barely even broke a sweat on our 6 miles!

My friend was horrified that both my mom and DH regularly decline riding Ruby on the trails when all three of us go out -- "but she's like perfect". I know, it confuses me too!

The trail was a bit busier than the last few times I've been - tons of bikes! They were polite for the most part, and the horses didn't care much. 

Is it even a trail ride with me if I don't take an awkward smiling selfie trying to get the other person in the background? lol

I don't think they're super visible in this shot, but this house (which I love BTW) had a TON of guineas out in their yard, and the first time we passed them they swarmed the fence and started SCREAMING at us.... haha. Ruby stopped and was like "WTAF". Both horses stared for a second, and we continued on our way!

Oh my goodness I cannot get over his little happy ears, he had such a good time. 

Almost back to the trailhead we ran into another group of riders -- they had a kid with them who was definitely not even a little in control of her own horse, so that was borderline concerning, but I guess not my circus not my monkeys. They stopped to let us pass, which was nice, except they didn't try to go single file or get off the trail at all, so they ended up blocking most of the trail, which made it sort of a pain to go around them. Especially when the lady on the end closest to us kept trying to let her horse touch noses with Ruby. Thanks but no, I don't know you! Oh well. People are cray. 

It was a super nice time -- we just ambled along (minus a few minutes of Trigger offering his cute WP jog when we turned around, he always gets excited to go home lol) and chit chatted about everything under the sun. She told me her daughter had been asking a lot of questions about Indian Camp Creek after our last trail ride, so I promised to take them there once Trigger's hoof is fully grown out! On that note, he had another trim last week and the farrier was happy with how it's looking, and hopefully in a few more trims it will be entirely grown out! 

I left my house around 10:30 and was back home with the horses put away and trailer unloaded by 2:30 - couldn't have asked for a better Sunday jaunt!


  1. There is nothing like a good trail ride to raise the spirits :)

  2. I'm glad Cici had another good weekend. And that you got a good girls' day trail ride. It looks lovely.