Wednesday, July 6, 2022

WW: Long Weekend Fun

Truck brakes are officially fixed, hooray! The brake module didn't do it, but in chasing down why it didn't work, DH was able to locate a short and fix that, which seems to have fixed things - whee! So when my mom stopped by for dinner, we went on an impromptu trail ride Sunday afternoon :) 

Mom rode Ruby

Trigger seemed excited to be out again!

Not my best life choice to take the horse who has been off all month while my ankle is still recovering..... 

Playing in the creek was great though!

Introduced DH and my mom to the cave!

Playing in another creek. 

We 4.7 miles in about an hour and a half :)

The horses were soaked! Loving the water cubes in the trailer for sponging off after we're done :)

Monday we spent some time cleaning up the boat. 

Penny was excited we did all that work so she could go play in the water lol.

"This is the life"

She spent most of yesterday sleeping off her busy 4th. 

Another anonymous octopus gift hahahaha. 

She though this was pretty cool too!

We are under an extreme heat warning all week with temps in the triple digits and heat indexes that are... horrifying, so I'm giving the horses some time off. Still haven't been able to get anything on the books virtually with TrainerB, which is.... sigh. Frustrating. So we'll see how things shake out this weekend. Maybe I'll have to drive down there again :( 


  1. We're in triple digits as far as the eye can see. I really want to hear how everyone else handles it because I feel more and more nuts for riding in these temps

    1. I don't mind letting mine sit - they're still turned out 16-18 hours a day (and when they're soaked in sweat just STANDING outside I generally don't ride). I guess if I had serious competition goals or deadlines I might treat it differently but I don't mind playing the AA card here 🤣 we're not going to the Olympics, a week or two break when we have ridiculous heat won't hurt anyone! I know your temps are consistently higher than ours for longer though, so no idea what I would do in that situation. Move out of Texas probably 🤣

  2. What a perfect long weekend!

  3. Your pup on the beach is the cutest thing ever! I hope it cools off there soon so you can get back to riding work!

    1. She's pretty freakin' adorable, but I might be biased lol. It's supposed to be a little cooler this weekend (raining right now actually!) so hopefully I'll be able to fit in some saddle time.

  4. TRUCKS I AM TELLING YOU. Can't live with em, can't live without em.

    1. Right??? I thought buying a newer one would be the ticket but OH NO IT COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE THAT EASY 🙃