Monday, February 20, 2023

2023 Vet Visit

I would feel bad about being so behind on posting things, but things on the horse front have been pretty quiet! I did have another lesson two weeks ago (and one yesterday that I hope to actually WRITE about), but between the weather and work, the horses have had some extra time off. Totally normal in February, so it is what it is. Things at work have been nuts because I got a new job - its one I've actually been sort of working towards since December and it's taken AGES to finalize (and will take even longer for the raise to actually hit my paycheck, lolz), but it's definitely eating up a TON of brainpower as I try to onboard. So. Content might be light for a hot minute. Or longer, haha. 

Anyway. So I don't get further behind when I DO have content, last Friday was my annual vet visit. Luckily, not TOO many unhappy surprises. 

Still the handsomest, even toothless. 

Jack was up first. He's a lightweight in his old age, but the vet has found a really good combo that keeps him quiet but on his feet, so they got to work. The students got to check out all his missing teeth, and we talked about how long ago they were pulled (almost 3 years ago now, wow time flies!). While one of the students was checking on her float job, she told the main vet that one of his teeth felt a little loose. The vet reached in and said "this one?" as it... fell out in her hand. Sigh. Old horses are great man. 

Just add it to my TOOTH COLLECTION ffs Jack. 


Aside from that, the vet/students were quite pleased with how Jack looks, all things considered. Sure, I'd love more rib coverage (STORY OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE), but for 28, with many missing teeth, and for historically being a super hard keeper despite trying basically every feed and supplement on the planet, it is what it is basically. 

Trigger was up next. He can be a slight dick about his mouth, but actually handled reasonably well on the new sedation protocol. He's missing three molars (which I knew, since they're the reason he quids so badly and why we chop hay now), but they cleaned up his mouth as best they could. I had them listen to his lungs twice, since he was showing mild symptoms of heaves a few years ago, and I find the chopped hay a bit dusty, so I wanted to make sure he wasn't having any flare ups since the change over, but they thought his lungs sounded great. The FFWS seems to be more or less under control with the chopped hay, so the vet told me again, keep doing what I'm doing. I'd love more rib coverage on this old asshole too, but I'm doing the best I can (and more than the average person, my vets frequently like to remind me). She and the male vet student were quite interested in the hay chopper, so I took them over and gave them a tour - hopefully that knowledge comes in handy if they come across anyone else looking to try chopped hay but the cost being scary ($25/40 lbs around here, so that chopper paid for itself in less than a week basically, since that's all Trigger eats in his stall). 

Getting the old men out of the way first meant we wrapped up with the girls, who are usually easy peasy! Ruby had some points, and one of them had rubbed a small sore on the right side of her mouth I feel like maybe she also did that last year, because it sounded vaguely familiar, but if so, I didn't write about it (BAD BLOGGER). 

Cinna also had some pretty sharp points, especially on the side with the weird offset molar she has - the students got a real kick out of that one! Aside from being a little on the heavy side (what else is new, girl I feel you), she also got a clean bill of health. 

I've been FB friends with the main vet for many years so we got to chatting about my tack shed and she wanted to see it in person, so after they got all packed up we trooped out to see it (one of the students seemed stunned by all my bridles and browbands lol). She was also so kind about complimenting our property and all the improvements (since she's been coming out for the better part of a decade) and how we care for the horses - it's definitely not fancy in any way shape or form, but I feel like our place is reasonably functional (except those damn dry lots, that might be a summer 2023 project!). I'm sure they see the gamut of properties, from little holes in the wall to palatial stables, so it's nice to have somewhere sort of in the middle lol. 


  1. Other than Jack's tooth randomly coming out... sounds like a pretty uneventful visit! (Which is always the goal....right?) Glad to hear everyone is holding their own! And I know what you mean, it kind of seems validating when the vet compliments your horse care and amenities.

    1. Yes! Glad for a relatively "normal" visit, lol.