Thursday, March 23, 2023

Welcome Spring!

The first day of spring was absolutely gorgeous! (and followed up by a day of 40 and rain lol). But no worry, I made the most of it! I started with Ruby - we had a good dressage school and worked on our homework of cantering without power, and on the leg yields while making sure I was keeping my left side a wall, no collapsing. She was excellent! The weather is going to keep us from being as prepared for the show in a few weeks as I'd like to be, but it is what it is - this is spring in the Midwest lol. 


And then we had a fun surprise! A friend came over to visit. She brought her mini to drive in the arena and on the trails if it was dry enough, and it was! 

And of course I couldn't let her go alone, what kind of host would I be! So I saddled up Emmy and accompanied her :) 

Making sure she didn't find the mini as scary as Ruby did lol

We did a few laps in the arena to make sure Emmy didn't mind the noise of the cart, then set off! 

Zomg the cuteness

We went on some new (to Emmy) trails :) 

The neighbor's lake

We did about as many loops as possible without doing too much backtracking, and then meandered back to the arena and her trailer. 

It was a super nice day to enjoy some beautiful weather, and nowwwww it's going to rain perpetually until my show. Sigh.