Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Magic Mornings

Monday was a great day, but as I tend to do, I definitely overdid it. Tuesday when I got up I felt like I had been run over by a truck. I'm determined to be more accountable about my riding habits (thanks Megan!), so I wandered out to the barn anyway. Ruby had stretched her legs a little the previous night on our road hack, and the gravel had chewed up her feet a smidge (they're due to see the farrier next week). On the way back, over some of the more rocky sections of our road, she had taken a tentative step or two, so I figured her feet might be a little tender Tuesday (side tangent, I reaaaaalllllllyyyyyy should look into some boots so I could do more road riding, lets add it to the never-ending list of things I want to buy lol). I figured a nice, low-key bareback stroll would do both of us a world of good. 
I tossed on an old sheepskin-lined pad (after thinking longingly about the really nice bareback pad Amanda has) and our trusty Kensington sidepull. 
She needs her roach shaped in the worst way. 

It was a lovely, peaceful morning. 

We even wandered outside the arena! Ruby was on high alert here because there was a doe at the end of the pasture and we spooked her into running. Before that she had been moseying along on a loose rein.

I tried to get a zoomed in shot, it's over her right ear. Not a great shot lol. 

Heading back up towards the house and the barn is a view that always makes my heart sing. I love it. 

We also walked down to the road (not on it, but to it). 

And down the sadly neglected pathway between our front paddock fence and the fence marking the property boundary on the road. She was great everywhere, no attempts to rush back to the barn (which we had a little trouble with a few years ago). 

Her dapples are still obscene, in case you were wondering. 

Trigger was apparently still exhausted from Monday night's efforts.

MUCH TIRED. V SLEEPY. If you don't have alfalfa, go away. 

Ruby also enjoyed another nice snooze -- Cinna was down when I walked into the barn but when she heard me she popped up, so no good photos of her napping. 

Sam was also sleeping while I rode Ruby -- I tried to put this photo up near the riding photos but the new Blogger and I are not getting along yet. 

"Hay girl... no, seriously, I want more hay. Go get it." 

Much like riding, I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly -- forgive me if some of the posts are mostly photos with long captions :) that's working pretty well for my brain right now, so I'm just trying to keep the momentum going!


  1. Photos + captions is about all I can handle most days blogging, too, lol. Tho your momentum is definitely greater than mine right now! Get it girl!

    1. My momentum may be greater but your photos are better 😉😘

      It's such a double edged sword -- when I have time to do a lot of riding I don't have time to write. When I have free time, it's because I'm not riding, so I have nothing to write about 🤣

  2. I enjoyed these photos very much. I wonder if you can get teal coloured hoof boots???

    1. You can get Scoot Boots with a teal strap. I ALREADY CHECKED... hahahaha.

  3. Let's be real. All anyone really wants are photos and captions. That's why Instagram exists! Kidding! Kind of...
    I'm also not loving the new blogger. It seems more clunky than the old one? And today it wants to hyperlink everything. Weird.

    1. Hahaha oh good, photos with captions forever ;)

      I also do not love it. Particularly on a mobile device -- half the time when I have quick posts like this I write them from my phone, but I have not actually managed that yet on new blogger. I'm trying to tell myself I'll adapt and not to give into the temptation to switch back for a few weeks, since the change is permanent later this month. Might as well learn it now...

  4. It is all honestly about keeping up momentum whether its blogging, riding, working out, or cleaning lol

    1. I'm doing okay on all of those fronts except working out, since my gym is still not somewhere I'm willing to go right now lol. Oh well. Baby steps!