Monday, August 10, 2020

Tack Shed Renovation: So Close!

Still pushing through to try to get those final little details done! Last Tuesday night I had DH help me install the whip rack. I opted to tuck it behind the saddle pads, since those will swing out of the way any time I need to access it. 

Voila! A friend commented I didn't have any teal whips, which naturally sent me down a Google rabbit hole, but the end result was I still have no teal whips.... lol. 

Wednesday the box of horseshoe nails I ordered arrived (Amazon FTW, even if my new tripod took a full week?) so I was able to get the boot hangers installed. 
Did it myself and only smashed my finger once. Did however manage to smear grease that was inexplicably covering the hammer all over my jeans? 🤦‍♀️

Mangled one nail. 


In retrospect, probably should have hung the boot board a smidge lower, but it'll do!

New tripod!!

Also, surprise Trones!! For all who got to hear me lament about my inability to access an Ikea and my unwillingness to pay their exorbitant shipping.... My hairdresser (WHO IS THE COOLEST) was at Ikea last week and grabbed me these and let me pay for the via Venmo, then I picked them up when I ran by the office last week.
They fit perfectly under the bridle racks!

Pivo ready to go in the corner. 

My fancy white ME boots 🥰🥰🥰

I still can't decide where to put the last bridle hooks and the harness hook for my surcingles. I think ultimately the answer is going to be behind the papasan chair, because eventually it'll go back in the corner where the furniture is right now, freeing up most of that wall. But I'm a little afraid that hanging it right now will mean that sitting in the papasan chair will get you whacked in the head with hanging tack. It's a conundrum. Hmmmm. 

Also, I haaaaaaaate new blogger and whatever bullshit is going on with my photos and captions but I lack the energy to deal with it after riding six (SIX!) times last week plus a bunch of other productivity I will write about soon. I hope. So just deal with the ugliness until I have time to figure out how to make it better, lol. 


  1. I have one measly bridle I'd like to hang at home. Any luck with finding cool vintage bridle hooks?

    1. You might just periodically search eBay with various search terms - I've found some interesting things when I search bridle hooks and add descriptors! That's how I ended up with those funky horse head 3 hook twisted ones I really like lol.