Friday, October 22, 2021

Fashion Friday

It's been a BANNER WEEK FOR MAIL 🤩🤩🤩 however, I fucking hate Blogger because for some stupid reason it put the first photo I tried to insert AT THE BOTTOM of this post, sigh. 
The first thing I got this week was the Standard Issue Equestrian set in teal I pre-ordered.... A while ago. I have some thoughts about that process and some minor annoyances, but damn if I don't love the shit out of the final product. 

Mmm that trim!

She was absolutely filthy and I didn't bother to clean up her legs but I just wanted to see how they'd look. 

SO 🔥

Ruby, bored with her life as a model, clearly 🤣

Mirror selfies FTW

The bonnet has Velcro to keep it attached to the bridle, which is pretty cool!

DH came out to read for me to work through 1-1 and 1-2. He also got some video and so of course I got screenshots. 
Zoom zoom lol

The canter elevation tho 🤷‍♀️

Wednesday was another good mail day - I custom ordered this DJD browband last month, and Amelia worked very hard to match multiple different tones in my show shirt/two show jackets. 


I cannot get over how perfect this browband is. 

Rain was moving in so it wasn't a serious school -- clearly 🤣

Blue steel 

My two favorites ❤️

The Holo carrying bag might actually randomly be my favorite lol. 

So! We may not be ready for the show at the end of the month but goddamn we will look the part 🤣


  1. Wow I love it all. What brand is the saddle pad, inquiring minds want to know..... :D

    1. Never mind- I didn't realize Standard Issue was a company. I thought that you were labeling your teal set as your standard set. if that makes sense to anyone but me....

    2. Haha yeah Standard Issue is the company, and this was a limited run color - no idea if she has any left, I pre-ordered several weeks before they were in stock. Not actually terribly impressed with the quality, when I was tacking up with it last night (for my second ride with it) I noticed some really bad pilling/marks under where one of my boots goes. In one ride 😑 which isn't an issue I've had with any of my other pads (although this material is a bit different than most of my pads). Ah well. From a distance it still looks fine and that's what I need from it 😆

  2. Those browbands are drool worthy!! Question on your browbands... when I used the equiture browband on Yosh at a schooling show, it snagged his forelock a ton and I had to do some work to get the pieces unsnagged without tearing it when I took the bridle off. Does this happen to you? Can you only use the jeweled type ones with a braided forelock or bonnet? Or do I need to cowboy magic his forelock liberally first?

    1. I use a bonnet almost every ride (even frequently in the winter) for that reason - although I didn't just fooling around with the DJD for photos this ride, and actually I think the DJD will be less likely to snag than my Equiture. For a long time I only broke out the fancy browbands for shows and just schooled in regular bridles too, so that's an option, lol.

  3. Looooove that browband 😍😍

    1. Thank you, me too! Amelia completely exceeded even my wildest dreams for how well she was able to pull the colors together 🥰

  4. Amelia does the best job, doesn't she?! And she remembers everything, it's incredible. You two look fab, love the browband with the new matchy set!

    1. She really does! I've wanted something from her for ages but bead string browbands just really weren't my thing. I'm so glad she's expanding her offerings, and I'm OBSESSED with this 🥰