Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Last Week's Rides

Just a real quick dump of some ride photos and notes about last week's work with the girls! After being so grumpy the previous week because of all the rain, last week ended up being a banner week for riding. That's Missouri for you though, there's no balance, the weather is either consistently great or consistently terrible lol. Ah well. Until I'm independently wealthy enough to have an indoor, it is what it is. Someday!

The arena looked so good when I got home from Indiana that I HAD to ride!

Ruby disagreed, lol. 

She was a good girl though! Productive workout. 

I'm back to swapping off evenings for the girls, so Cinna had the next day. She was shockingly adult (I don't know why I still act shocked, she's been consistently really reliable for a while now, it shouldn't shock me anymore). 

She is fat and out of shape though, so we both got sweaty. 

You saw photos from Ruby's ride in her fancy new SIE set (which I am frankly NOT impressed with, the second time I went to use it there was a massive rubbed/pilled spot under one of my boots, sigh). 

Looks good from far away I guess!

Much more pleased with the DJD browband, natch. 

That wasn't a serious school though, rain was moving in so it was mostly walking, although we did trot and canter a few laps, just to be a little productive. 

The next evening was PERFECT VEST WEATHER, I was so excited. The ride was so-so -- Ruby was back to being VERY anticipatory about the canter. Thankfully I had already scheduled a lesson for this week before the show. Fingers crossed. I know new trainer will be able to reinstall the gerbils in both our brains, and hopefully it'll hold through the show weekend lol. 

Jack busted the very expensive feeder he eats obscenely expensive amounts of food out of and wasn't sorry at all, clearly. 

Cinna was next in the rotation - she was VERY VERY VERY convinced there were dead people in the corner of the arena this ride. Not our most productive ride, but we'll keep chipping away. 

We did hang out in dead people corner for a while though. Just in case. 

Saturday's trail ride got it's own post yesterday, and then Sunday we had severe weather warnings and shit weather all day, so everyone got the day off! 
Another decent ride on Monday - not our best, not our worst, but had some good moments.

And needed to break out the cooler and lights after, sob 😭 so dark so early, and it's only going to get worse.

Here's hoping the weather keeps cooperating for consistent riding through when it starts getting really cold anyway! I posted looking for an indoor to haul to when the weather looked so bad last weekend, and I've sourced a few options, so maybe I can keep us going between that and lessons all winter. 


  1. This time of year, the weather is so up and down. It started getting cold here and then went back to 70's. Today it's pouring rain and 40 mph winds.
    Glad you've been getting to ride most days though! I hope you can keep at it through the winter.

    1. Yeah it's so hard to make/keep a schedule when I'm so dependent on weather, sigh. I know you know that pain! Tonight looks good for riding but then more rain Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - at least Thursday I have a lesson (yay indoor) and Friday I'm hauling to the show venue for schooling, so at least only one night this week should be ruined by rain lol.